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Chris Rockcliffe R.I.P.

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Hi All

Sorry I haven't posted here in a long time.  Life has a way of throwing changes at you much like being at the receiving end of the cosmic shit shovel!

Stormcock Reexperienced

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Well here's my delayed review

Stormcock Revisited - well almost! (originally posted to the Forum)

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Funny how people can be so precious about Roy's intellectual property!  Like most of us I awaited the delivery of Stormcock with a heightened sense of expectation.  Of all the albums I own or have ever owned, Stormcock represents the most powerful artistically, lyrically and from a production perspective.

BBC Sold On Song Top 100 - Same Old Rock is number 74! Link here...

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Of course we would think that Stormcock should be the No 1 seminal album and maybe it will be again?




30th Anniversary Break (contains some references to Roy)

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A couple of weeks ago we delivered our third child to university in London.  Like most adolescents you don't get much conversation between the grunts but since he has endured a severe episode of Crohn's Disease (for which there is no known cure yet) we are more tolerant and lenient.  During the last two weeks his mum has worried that he is managing to cook and cater for himself with his anti-inflammatory diet based on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet - SCD - suitable for sufferers of Crohn's, Colitis, IBD and coeliac disease.  The following week we took our second child to Bath

Lancrigg Entrance to the estate Helms Cragg

The Silent Heart - Part I

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The Silent Heart Part I

A short story in three parts of one man's awakening.

Who roams the deserts, the plateaux, the ice caps, the mountains, the forests and the plains with vast armies

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It began during the late 1980's and accelerated during the next decade.  The evil began to pervade one media presence after another, reporting crime and sleaze and all the worst manifestations of our sickening society.  The more they published and presented, the more the morons consumed until eventually there were more and more morons than there were lovers of light and truth.

Perhaps people can tell me who the "enlish icon" of today is.

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Here's an interesting question from our European sister "perhaps people can tell me who the "enlish icon" of today is, if it's not jonathan ross..

For me Roy Harper is the quintessential English Icon of today.  Let me explain:

Competition - Write some music to accompany the following poem...

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Conspiracy Theories

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I will admit to being a sceptic and a cynic for some years now but I've always shied away from some of the more bizarre theories that have been punted about the Bush Dynasty, however last night I watched the Loose Change video and was shaken by the implications of what was presented.  Shaken, not because it was implausable.  Just the opposite because it seems eminently plausable.

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