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The last time I had a solo moustache (as opposed to a beard) was around 1977 or 1978. Then a good (female) friend told me that it made me look like I was in a Brummie sub-Sabbath pub circuit metal band. So I shaved it off. However, my son talked me into joining him in growing a tache for November in aid of prostate/testicular cancer - it didn't take much persuasion as one of our oldest friend, and my son's godfather, has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
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A period of transition

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Well, my "official" retiral date is October 12th - nine months before I hit 60, but also chosen because of the first great recorded Harper rant about all that is wrong with/in the world - it seemed like a good date to choose to start turning my life around to all that could be right in my life (if not the rest of the world). But my last day in work was last Tuesday. I'm in the middle of a great holiday in Perthshire.

June 21st 2012

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Midsummer Day, 2012, Inverness, ten to ten in the evening. Still light enough to read not only a newspaper but a small-print paperback outside - but you wouldn't want to try because it's pissing down.

End of Yesterday

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I have six months to go -23 weeks - until I retire from my Job as an NHS psychologist. Between now and then I hope to buy a narrowboat. I'll call it (her?) "End of Yesterday", which is part of the motto/mantra on the back of the cover of the first album (Guy Stevens produced)by the brilliant British psych band Mighty Baby:- "Tomorrow is the beginning of the end of yesterday". Seems kind of right for starting a nw life! Alan

Bad religion?

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My wife/ex-wife (we still haven't quite decided where we're at)is by preference a Quaker (though she hasn't yet fully committed to it yet). Just been for a long lunch (2.00 to 10.00!) with her and two of our longest standing friends, both Christians, one of whom is a fully fledged/pledged Quaker. He's just been out in East Africa on a "peace and reconciliation" mission in Kenya, trying to resolve the inter-tribal and cross border violence.

The Best Thing I've Heard All Year

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More than  a week later and I am still completely knocked out by the BBC Electric Prom with Robert Plant and The Band of Joy - played the radio version ver and over on i-player and watched the abbreviated TV version last night.  The thing I love about Robert Plant is that he obviously loves lots of the same kinds of music that I do - blues, West Coast psychedelia, North African/Arabic, raw folky Appalachian style "love and death" songs but he manages, now, to interpret them in a completely original way.

Musical Instruments

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Years and years and years ago I bought a sitar.  As I  moved around the  country it got more and more beaten up to the point where everything it needed in order to be played had fallen off.  I bought a new one two years ago but tuning 20 strings is quite a chore!  I can't play guitar - but if I could only ever play one tune on the guitar, and it was "Dargai", the final tune on Richard and Linda Thompson's "Pour Down LIke Silver", I would be satisfied.

Roy the poet

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Well, this is something I never, ever, imagined myself doing, creating a blog.

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