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Seasonal Greetings

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I'd like to wish all visitors to the Stormcock.net web site all the best for this holiday season, no matter what your religious persuasion (if any) or country of origin.

It's been an interesting year for me. I set up this site earlier in the year after I started playing with "drupal" and thought it would make an interesting foundation for a new Harper site. I had not originally envisaged actually making a live site; I just wanted to play with the community tools and see how easy it was to set up a site like this, and chose to make a mock-up of a web 2.0 "Stormcock" site on my test server. However, after I got things up and running and had time to play around, I thought that it might actually be a good thing to launch. I felt for a long time that there were a lot of people that would be interested in finding out more about the Harpers, and talking to others, but who wanted a web-based platform for doing this rather than the email based mailing list (which is still running happily as well).

To cut a long story short, I registered the domain, launched the site after a brief testing period, and here we are.

Then, at a drinks evening with some old friends, one of them suggested I might want to try podcasting with my new Apple laptop. This set the little gears in my brain whirring again and some weeks later the first experimental Roy Harper podcast was finished, and I published it. Those first few hours were quite fun, with me checking to see how many downloads or on-site plays there had been and waiting for comments. The podcast has gone down well too and I have plenty of ideas of things to do with it in 2008.

So anyway, in summary it's been a good year for Harper related stuff for me and Vicky and I also celebrated our first wedding anniversary yesterday. I managed not to poison her last night while cooking roast duck with cherry confit. Today (Monday) is my last day of work for a few days and I am looking forward to the rest and particularly with watching my son William open his presents.

I am looking forward to some new music from Nick Harper next year, hopefully drawing on his experiences on the Everest project, and I also hope that Roy does well writing new material. I also hope Roy might be persuaded out for a gig or two despite his wish to stay in the studio until it's done!

I wish you all a happy holiday and a great 2008.


The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 4 - Shownotes

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In the December episode:

Reviews of the Stormcock reissue

Short and Sweet from the Cassette version of Unhinged (unavailable)

Part two of a two part interview with Steve Lambert and Pete Herring

Steve Lambert

Pete Herring

The Nick Harper Special - Shownotes

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Welcome to the Nick Harper Special. In this podcast:

"Riverside" from "Light at The End of The Kennel"


"Blue Sky Thinking" from "Miracles for Beginners"

Chris Moxon interview

Big Chris's birthday

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Chris Moxon turns 40 in a couple of weeks and this weekend past he had a birthday bash at Ironbridge, up near Telford. Vicky and I were invited and it was a great weekend away in the country; we stayed at a lovely B&B and booked a room with a lovely 4-poster bed so we luxuriated in comfort, rather unlike the mob that were staying at the Youth Hostel.

The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 3 - Shownotes

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In the November episode of the podcast:

News about the Stormcock reissue and Mojo article

"Anorak Corner" - compare old and new audio from Stormcock

One Man Rock'n'Roll Band from the audio CD part of Beyond the Door

Part one of a two part interview with Steve Lambert and Pete Herring

The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 2 - Shownotes

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In this episode:

Intro music: "Blackpool" from Roy's album "Sophisticated Beggar".

The Great Roy Harper by Adam Leonard. Adam writes:

The podcast

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I first had the idea of the podcast a couple of months ago. I'd gone to an "old boys night out" for my old company, which basically involves beer, curry, and catching up with a bunch of people I used to work with. I'd recently got my Macbook Pro and was busy enthusing about it, and mentioned that it came with some interesting software called Garageband. "Why don't you do a Roy Harper podcast then?" one of them asked me.

Cropredy 2007

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Hi All,

Back from Cropredy and I've put a few pictures up on flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mistlethrush/sets/72157601406665414/

A good festival all round, somewhat spoiled for me this year by not being able to get there until Friday (migraine on my part and unexpected last minute work on Vicky's). However the weather was fantastic. High point: Liege and Leaf, along with RT's solo set. Brilliant.

Clonakilty 2007, photos and thoughts

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I'm back at work today after Clonakilty 2007, and it's difficult to get back into it to be honest. Last week's short trip to Ireland was, for us, a very well timed and wonderful holiday. The two Roy gigs I went to were excellent, with the last one (Thursday nights) being absolutely sublime. I don't think I can come to terms with the possibility that I'll not be seeing Roy at De Barra again, and I'm in complete denial that there's even the slightest chance that he won't play live again anywhere, ever.

One of those nights in the Lamb

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We had an informal stormcock gathering last night at one of my favourite pubs in London, The Lamb in Lambs Conduit Street (in Bloomsbury). The occasion was that Sam Yoshioka was in the country for the week and was staying with Linda and Steve, and he was interested to meet some of the other 'cockers that he knew well from email but had never met in person. Poor fella

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