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Istanbul birthday treat

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I turned 42 years old last Friday (May 11) and my wife asked me to keep Thursday and Friday clear for a surprise trip somewhere. I had to drive us to the airport on Thursday morning and she managed to keep the final destination from me until we were coming up to the checkin desk. We went to Istanbul (Turkey) and had a terrific 3 days, with great weather, lots of sightseeing, and good food and drink.


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With an ever-increasing danger of tempting certain people to use the G and A words, the discussion at http://www.stormcock.net/node/86#comment-304 prompted me to post my current character. I'm playing one of the white balls in the Prisoner in a super hero game. Currently we are at the very early stages of meeting each other (all of us are playing people/things with super powers but most of us have been loners up to now). There are about 10 of us, we meet every Tuesday night in a pub around Liverpool Street, drink beer and have a brilliant time.


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On Saturday I spotted a little mouse running around among the cables underneath my computer desk. We've suspected for a while now that there has been one or more mice in the understairs cupboard due to shredded bits of paper and the like, which looked like some nest building was going on.

Mailing list future

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Well I had a great week what with the VdGG gig on Monday and the Nick Harper DVD party on Thursday! So it's the weekend and I have my son here. Currently he has taken over my main computer to play games so I'm relegated to the laptop. Not to worry, I'll get some more Lord of the Rings gaming in later on when I've dropped him back at his Mums. The game is going very nicely, I love it. It launches officially on Tuesday - I've been playing in the "early access" area for people that pre-ordered it.

Van Der Graaf Generator, Barbican Hall

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So I saw the three piece play last night. Wow! The absence of David Jackson has really changed the whole approach of the band. The three of them make one heck of a noise, often teetering on complete chaos and with a real sense of danger. The 4-piece in 2005 felt quite like a well practised and faithful representation of the music from the albums, but this was something else. I overheard a guy on the way out saying that he prefered covers bands because they play the stuff note perfect the way it is on the albums... good lord!

One of those weekends in England/Middle Earth

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What a wonderful weekend! By which I mean, for those of you that aren't in the UK, we were blessed with sunshine all weekend and it was gorgeous.

The Shire Overhill town centre

Musical excitement

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A bit of a busy week for me on the work front (this doesn't look like stopping any time soon), but I have some things to look forward to next week.

Firstly I've announced an online chat for Saturday night at 6pm GMT (7pm BST), just to see if it'll work. We've got a fair few members now so I'd be happy to hold a chatroom with a few of you to see how things hold up, and generally talk nonsense about stuff!

And now for something completely different...

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Every other weekend I have my son William to stay for the weekend, and on Sunday we went off to Knebworth Park where there was a jousting display. As some of you know, I've got a new camera - a Canon 400D - and this was the first time using my telephoto lens, a cheapy Tamrom 55-200 job that I got bundled in with the camera. I was actually very pleased with the results!

You can see the full set at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mistlethrush/sets/72157600061565094/


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Well, I went ahead and published today after a quick test from Big Chris (thanks!). To be honest I just couldn't wait any longer, I was too excited to see how people reacted to it.

So far, so good.

Really hoping to see some blogs and other content from people in due course.

Not hoping to see bugs - but there will definitely be some.

Now off to finish cooking the pork joint for tonight's dinner and try to get some rest before the working week starts again tomorrow - aargh :-)

John Drake

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I posted a joke message to the stormcock mailing list yesterday from a fictitious persona "John Drake" at gd-analytics.net. John Drake was the name of the agent in Danger Man (Secret Agent Man in the USA) played by Patrick McGoohan. It was the series that he did before "The Prisoner" and there is still much debate over whether the identity of number 6 was indeed John Drake. There are hints in the Prisoner that it is, but Patrick has stated that it was not. gd-analytics?

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