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Writing "Model Woman"

Well, I’m sorry. It has been a while since I’ve posted anything. I haven’t been writing much lately, and when I do get on the internet it seems I spend so much time removing “cookies” shoved up my computer’s “back door.” Apple’s Safari Preferences simply does not “Block Cookies Always” as it claims. I’m sorry the Stormcock Forums become an accidental victim. I still listen to Roy (or Nick) almost every day and hope for news of “more.”

Anyway, for the two of you who remember I was going to write about writing my song “Model Woman,” here I go:

AMERICAN Comments on Podcast 35, "Model Woman"

Well, here it is, a week after “MY” podcast came out, and the reality is much different than the “NoCelebrity's Fabricated Life” I have posted on my blog.

My original and follow-up announcements received much enthusiasm from family, friends and musical acquaintances. I have received three VERY POSITIVE face-to-face comments on my song “Model Woman” and my “other contributions” to the PODCAST. Unhappily, I have received ZERO emails since from family and old-friends who have actually listened to it, but ONE email from a special talent!

NC's Fabricated Life. Episode One -- Reporting For The Beeb.

I was mildly excited about the upcoming podcast release featuring my original song “Model Woman” and other material when I left the house late in the morning to mow the lawn and do other yardwork. I was chuckling to myself over the absurd idea this could be my last chance to do such things without the paparazzi analyzing every aspect of my technique, or worse, criticizing my attire!

Jack Cramer's in a Podcast???


To all my Family, Friend's and Musical Acquaintances:

Somehow it has happened that I have been asked to be interviewed for "The Roy Harper Podcast," I have consented, AND I have contributed an original Song ("Model Woman"), AND "other material," both recorded in GarageBand. Episode 35 with yours truly is available for free download at and on iTunes.

"What?..." you say! No, really!

AMERICAN fans of Roy!

(This is virtually identical to a Thread I started on the Stormcock Forums) I would really like to discover more AMERICAN fans of Roy and Nick! I would also like to start communicating with this underrepresented group. Merely by being better organized we can contribute to raising awareness and popularity of Harpic music in the U.S.

Time Warps and the FINAL FINAL death of Dave Tennant's Doctor Who in America!

This last Sunday 14 August 2011 marked the American death of Doctor Who! Again!


And I feel fine!

It’s after 10 pm, Election Night 2008 in Chicagoland, USA. Blacks and Whites, people of all colors and creeds, children and adults are dancing together in the streets all over the world. The center of the political universe for one night is Grant Park (Named for the victorious Civil War General and 18th US President) in Chicago where Barack Obama gives his Victory speech to an ecstatic crowd.

When Chicago Mayor Richard M.

No Celebrity's 1st BLUES Guitar class

Marty MacMillan began teaching his second Adult BLUES Guitar Class in his first year at GAND MUSIC & SOUND-- "Gand Events" <gms [at] gand [dot] com> -- on Tuesday. This is a four part class that will likely be extended for a while longer.

I was pleased to see eight of us signed up for the class, including a female. As I play mostly by ear (with my fingers) I felt a little slow getting up to speed, even though I understood everything in the lessons given us to practice for next week. Five pages with variations on typical/classic blues lines.

2nd push for CHICAGO airplay

For BOB and all the others, I finally gave WXRT-fm a less puzzling push to play ROY's music. Hope I found the right combo of humor to crumble a portion of the brick wall of ignorance and indifference. Here is what I submitted (after I found the right link on their site, the one that doesn't require me to sign up for mac mail):

I’m the 1983 WXRTv Theme Song Contest Grand Prize Winner and it’s been almost a month since I last/first emailed XRT.

I had hoped for an acknowledgment by now.

Pushing Chicago's long-time best AOR FM station to play ROY

Well, it's 12:46 am CDT on Sunday 21 September 2008 (I'm an odd American when it comes to writing my dates the LOGICAL way, otherwise, I prefer Webster's over OED, but it's no big deal.) I'm starting a blog the easy way. I'm pasting in my "brief" email to WXRT-93.1 fm, Chicago ("XRT") so all of you can read my efforts if you like, maybe get inspired or give me other ideas (I'll get to them in my own good time, but please feel free to ignore my sarcastic humor and make your comments).
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