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Anti-matter detector link

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New poem [first draft]

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Thanks to Joan Sullivan of Basingstoke Writers Circle inspring me to start writing poetry again!Tried to attach it on Mistlethrush mailing list but wouldn't accept Andi

Boadicea's Band

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Boadicea's Band burnt by blisters, Beerguts begone, Bleeding bunions, Battling blowing Beaufort, Bombarded by bullets, Buzzing bumblebees, Burbling, babbling brooks, Blindly bumbling Bravehearts, Blithely bypassing big boulders, Beaming Brimstone below, Brightly bouncing before, Burnished, bronzed Brillantine, Bypassing barnacled Basalt, Bracken bushwacked, Bramble boardwalked, Bougainvillea bowered, Birdsong beyond belief, Banish broken busted boots, Behold bastion beknighted balladeers!

Mum's alive again!

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Article about late mum's exhibition from Basingstoke Gazette 19th July 2010. Reminds me I should have learnt Flamenco, but was too busy with other music. chrs andi
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If we are to live in a material world with our economic models; where every corporation has to show growth, then the whole edifice has to crumble eventually, because the Earth is only finite. Syllogistically [sp?] speaking. There must be an ism for this impending scenario? Oh yeah, it's called realism! Unless, unless,we get out to develop the universal neighbourhood around us....somehow, slowly,slowly, by each generation, before everything implodes upon us. Time is against us.

My vehicle

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Just come across a forum re Daihatsu Midget 2's!!!





Computer future?

aspwatterson's picture - Rhondda & Snowdon Rocks 2009

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Had been planning for the LHSF cancer charity treks in the Welsh mountains this year for at least 6 months.... Ha! The devil plays with the best laid plans..thanks Neil Young 

My new vehicle!! Don't laugh!!

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This is what's going to get me to Snowdon Inshallah!

More comfortable than biking it. Can't build a boat. Carries a tent.

Also hopefully to be in the Thornycroft vintage/unusual car show in Memorial Park, Basingstoke Sunday 10th May 2009.  All welcome.  Beer tent, etc.. but I can't drink coz am driving it 100 yards to my house afterwards!

Nick Harper's in town!!

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Nick Harper's in town!!

Watch out without fear

Marshal your forces

In defence of your ears.


The drawbridge is down

The moats are breached

Synapses blown

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