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The New Doctor Who

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I did a disco last Saturday for a 21st birthday party, but with a mix of the host and hostesses friends (the oldies) and the birthday girl’s friends (the younguns), so it was a good mix. Everything went swimmingly; until right near the end when alcohol and hormones started taking effect on some of the younguns, and it being near the scheduled end time the hostess asked me to start winding things down to chill them out.

Time to say good-bye

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When they first saw it, our friends mouths dropped open and you could see the sympathetic look in their eyes.

The Tale of Long Lost Golden Summers

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What I should do is write about my experience in Switzerland, training and performing with Ozfrank Theatre, but for now I am still spinning that over in my mind. It may eventually make it to a blog, who knows?

Kenny Wisdom's World of Dissocia

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  I did what any self-respecting, “only with the lights off”, stiff upper-lipped Englishman would do. It was the only decent thing to do, given the circumstances. After all, I thought, what harm could possibly come to me? I was in a car. He was on shank’s pony. Foot traffic nearly always beats motorised, in a court of law. All I need to do is steer well clear and simply avoid him. I went through it all in my mind immediately after I turned the corner.

The strange journey I started five years ago, beginning to pay off...

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In other news, I got the best surprise in my email a few weeks ago from John Nobbs & Jacqui Carroll of Ozfrank Theatre, which went something like this:

"Dear Kenny,

How ya doin', sport? (They're Aussie, see. That's the Oz, in Ozfrank ~ ed)

We are not YOU...

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I was Christmas shopping yesterday, a mighty marathon trip that took me to Peterborough then backtracking to Leicester, before finally home.

Leicester had a great vibe. It's a vibrant multi-cultural city, as this Wiki entry attests:

The Plough & the Dream

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“Where are you going?”
“There and back. See how far it is.”
“How will you know when you get there?”
“I’ll be on my way back”.
“How will you know you’re on your way back, if you don’t even know you got there?”
“I’ll recognise things I saw on the way”.


The Trial of Simone: Pt VII

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                        You’ve got that look. The same one she had. It’s in your eyes. The eyes don’t lie. They never do. Tell a lie…be betrayed by an eye. Right now, I’m your best friend. You’re nice to your friends, aren’t you?

The Trial of Simone: Pt VI

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Simone            That’s fine. Just as you are. Stand against the notice board. That’s it.

The Trial of Simone: Pt V

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We’d tell our mums we were off, in the mornings. Me and my mates. We’d pack a bag, full of sandwiches. Peanut butter was my favourite. Peanut butter sarnies and a bottle of pop. No peanut allergies back then! Full of E numbers and we’d trot off into the country.
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