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Technology beckons

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Luddite that I am, I've beavered away with Win2K for years but have just bought a new laptop PC, loaded with Vista. (Needed it for my business trips to Southern Ireland.)

What a learning curve! However, it's hooked up on a wireless router and I can watch and work all around 'Lane Towers'. Furthermore, I've got a set of wireless Logitech headphones, which also work around the place. Stormcock travels very well...




Splinters 3

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Blimey, printing and burning as fast as I can, much to the amusement of the other residents of Lane Towers.

We've gone global!

It would be good to get some feedback from the recipients



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This may be of absolutely no interest to anyone, but I have now officially retired.

After years of chasing my private pension fund for details (I do mean years and with the perilous state of pension funds in the UK I finally got them and decided to grab my dues while I could).

This will not stop me doing other work; but I can now take a deep sigh, focus on my convalescence and enjoy myself with a few projects I've been meaning to do.

np Stevie Ray Vaughan


Oxford Blues

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Well that's another day spent at yet another hospital...

More checks, tests and prodding and poking, mainly by trainee doctors all keen to learn. Much fun when Professor Tick-tock turned up to supervise proceedings and tell me what they were going to do with me.

"Right then!" he balled at the trainees, "Who is this gentleman and what's his problem?"

"No I don't want to know what sex he is! What are the first two facts you should be telling me? Eh?"

Bin Thinking

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A message for Paul:

I mentioned recently about swapping PCs and maintaining a 'thread'.

However, can you get a link via this route, to the old list?

As a 'luddite', I think the old list serves a valuable function. It allows a rapid exchange of ideas/thoughts, which seems to be missing on your new site. (I'm missing a function?)

Old with the new?

Best wishes




Stormcock dot Net

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I'm slow, but I get there in the end...

I use several PCs here at home (my home office) and lose track of my Stormcock emails. I use a Belkin 'switchbox' to share my monitor, keyboard and mouse between said PCs.

Whatever, I can and do lose the plot on email threads. But, using www.stormcock.net resolves this problem (obvious, innit?).



A Milkman's Lot (Part #)

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Ref. my podcast comment

I saw my first naked lady on the milk-round, this morning.

04:00 Hrs, bold as you like, pressing clothes at an ironing-board in her front room, lights on and curtains wide open, she gave me a cheery wave.

I gallantly saluted her...



A Milkman's Lot (Cont'd)

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So there I was, on Sunday last. The 'Outlaws' arrived, on their way to Cornwall. (Liz didn't have the heart to tell me.)

It's my one day off, free from stress and grief and what do we get, but 9 outlaws descending upon us from Lancashire. It wouldn't have been so bad if they'd brought a 'red-cross' parcel of black puddings and Lancashire cheese. No such luck, they just eat us out of house and home.

Gloucester seems to be a 'way-station' for this mob...

"Eek!" said one of 'em, when I trod on it, early Monday morning.

A Parent's Lot

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Who'd relax being a parent?

We are now picking Richard up from Greenwich, London, with a removals van, if you please. The lad's given it his best shot, but it didn't work out. (Parents to the rescue.)

Tom has recently passed his driving test, I'm filled with trepidation, knowing that his big brother was over-confident and wrote off one of our cars (you don't want to know our insurance premiums...!)

Liz has just called me, "where's Tom?"

"Damned if I know, he was on the way to pick you up..."

Pandora's Box

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Such a voyage of discovery.

I'm dipping into STORMCOCK NET and trying to learn. Meanwhile, I'm listening to Pandora Radio and really stretching my bandwidth. I suspect that I was getting 'ripped off' for my previous subscription for 10Mb access. Currently running 2Mb access and can discern no real difference at all!

If this message goes through, I'll have another go...


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