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Stormcockers' Red Nose Song

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The song I wrote for Red Nose Day came and went so quickly on the day...

For the sake of posterity, I've put up a page with all the songs recorded for that day, including my effort which features the vocals of Paul and Andy from this parish, amongst others.

There are 5 songs for free download or streaming in total. Head over to http://www.lunacyboard.com/songfu for a listen (and hopefully a bit of a laugh).

Help! A call for voices... (Splinters-related. ish)

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I'm looking for anybody who can record their voice to either sing, speak or shout for the chorus of my latest song which is in support of this year's Red Nose Day, via the online efforts of Red Nose Net.

Get'cher free albums here!

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3 Albums in 3 Days - Are We Mad?

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Yes, we're releasing three full albums in three days. Yes, we may well be bonkers, but almost certainly no more so than those at the global steering wheel.

Eponymous Debut

"A Live Splinter" - The Movie!

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It all worked out okay for our first live gig together - certainly not a perfect performance, but thankfully lacking any significant problems.  We had to cut our set a little shorter than we had expected, dropping a song and curtailing our improvisation a bit, but were able to provide a reasonable mix of our folky/rocky and experimental sides.

Here we are playing our splinter, "The Unofficial National Anthem" at the end of a little improvised guitar/drum/bass/theremin section:-

A Live Splinter

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Anybody who enjoyed our 'Splinter' and will be anywhere near Glasgow on October the 25th might fancy popping into the Classic Grand at 7pm and spending a measly £6 for an evening of progressive-ish music kicking off with The Lunacy Board and headlined by US prog band Glass.


Or not.

Nick at Belladrum

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I've just posted a review of the bits of the "Tartan Heart" festival I got to see and hear over at my normal blog, but here's the extract of it dealing with what I saw of Nick...

Ultimate Ether Music

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I've plugged the whole event previously, but they've opened up the finale concert to the public for a very reasonable £5 a head - excellent value for a 3 hour concert including some of the best thereminists in the World.  Click the pic for more details.  I'll be there as a part of the UK League of Thereminists!

Hands Off 2007 - The Ultimate Theremin Concert


Nick & Roy & Jethro & Procol DVD

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I haven't seen this floating about before, but somebody's posted "Jethro Tull & Friends" (1994-08-11) Friends of the Earth show on DVD over on Dime-a-dozen HERE. [NB: Updated link - seeding problem fixed now]

It features :-


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Starting with the tenuous links... 

1. Roy played with Jimmy Page, who plays theremin on "Whole Lotta Love". 

2. Nick's song "There is Magic In this World" features what sounds like a theremin (but is possibly just a well executed slide guitar) 

With that in mind, and for general information for the musically inclined (or their friends) out there:-

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