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Every other weekend I have my son William to stay for the weekend, and on Sunday we went off to Knebworth Park where there was a jousting display. As some of you know, I've got a new camera - a Canon 400D - and this was the first time using my telephoto lens, a cheapy Tamrom 55-200 job that I got bundled in with the camera. I was actually very pleased with the results!

You can see the full set at

Fish Sitting 2

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New Tank

Hoover and Zippy have taken to their new home with a vengeance.  Feeding time produces some competition but no one starves.  They chase each other up and down the tank and Hoover is developing a flat spot on his 'nose' from bumping into his reflection at the far end of the tank.  It doesn't appear to bother him so I guess he's part rubber.

Fish Sitting

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Hoover and Zippy

My eldest son decided to emigrate to Canada with is fiance and left us with his pet fish, Big Fish and Little Fish!

Well we've been busy with Hoover and Zippy - new names for our aquatic friends!


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Well, I went ahead and published today after a quick test from Big Chris (thanks!). To be honest I just couldn't wait any longer, I was too excited to see how people reacted to it.

So far, so good.

Really hoping to see some blogs and other content from people in due course.

Not hoping to see bugs - but there will definitely be some.

Now off to finish cooking the pork joint for tonight's dinner and try to get some rest before the working week starts again tomorrow - aargh :-)

John Drake

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I posted a joke message to the stormcock mailing list yesterday from a fictitious persona "John Drake" at John Drake was the name of the agent in Danger Man (Secret Agent Man in the USA) played by Patrick McGoohan. It was the series that he did before "The Prisoner" and there is still much debate over whether the identity of number 6 was indeed John Drake. There are hints in the Prisoner that it is, but Patrick has stated that it was not. gd-analytics?

This is the first one

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Hello everyone. This is my first ever blog entry on the Stormcock site. Welcome to the new era :-)

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