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This section of the site contains general articles about Roy, Nick, music in general, and other things. You can contribute to this section of the site by trying out the Create Content link. Items that you post are initially held in an approval queue but will show up once they have been given the once-over.

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About the library

The Library is the equivalent of the old static stormcock site, and I've copied over most of the content (some of it just wasn't useable any more).

The idea here is for us all to collaborate on creating the definite Harper resource. You can add your own stuff by going to the Create Content link on the left, and making a book page. All being well I'll read it, like it, and insert it into the appropriate section here. Let's face it, it'll be nice to have posts here with a picture other than my ugly mug anyway

Suggestions for additional categories or structure are very welcome.

Finally I should point out that I have enabled file attachements which means you are able to add pictures to your articles if you like. It's a bit fiddly to use, but don't be afraid to experiment.