Letter from Roy (circa 1995)

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Hi all, just having a Bank Holiday clear-out of cupboard and came across this old letter from Roy (sent to his fans and circulated by Darren a.k.a. Harper Information Service) - thought it might be of interest as a 'snapshot' in time of Roy's life from the late summer of 1995.... "Dear People, I've just been round the world again. This time it was the wrong way - and by mistake. I wanted to spend some time in India and so I left in March and spent March, April and May there. I was living on pennies though I did bring back a durry, four wall hangings and lots of little pieces of Roy junk. The reason that I would say that is the wrong way is that if I had my choice I would always fly west because that's just a late night, which I was going to have anyway!! Flying east is much more difficult for me. I end up crashing into the morning. And by mistake! Well whilst I was in India I got invited to Japan. I spent some time there with friends doing the media rounds, took some strange pictures and then decided to go and see my 17 year old son Ben in Los Angeles, because I hadn't seen him for 8 months. At that point I was committed to going round the world the 'wrong' way. I got stuck in Sherherdstown, West Virginia on the next leg, where I saw 'INTRO to RH' in the record shop window (Intergalactic Garage) and ended up after a two week stay doing a gig in Shepherdstown Opera House (Cap. C.200!!) and really enjoyed myself. I had a huge beard at this stage which I shaved off in/at the OVAL Long Room in July (30th??) Coming home was strange. I feel like I don't have one any more and that maybe I never did. Maybe the next person who chooses to live with me will put hers on loan to me! It's been absolutely crazy since I got back to Ireland. There is never enough time in the day. When I got back, among other things the studio and gear needed putting in order. A combination of Nick making his record on it and my neglect had combined to leave it needing serious attention. At present our 'sound' man Tony has been over and disappeared with various bits (and brought others) for which I am really grateful. It took a month but it's back up and running 90% again. However, the biggest of all my concerns has been the house. During the last three and a half years it has almost meandered elsewhere. I can honestly say that I am 90% emotionally healed now and it is only likely to take a gentle pair of hands to bring that back to three figures!!! Who knows? But the house now needs to be healed in almost the same way, AND BEFORE WINTER. I've been incredibly lucky. I've been back here for over a month and it has rained on two days!! All the rest have benn sunny and warm. It is now Sept. 20th and it is another hot (warm) day. It reached 23 degrees C yesterday and for the last six weeks I have been living in paradise. But the house, the house! There was so much rain last year that there was a lot of damage. Yesterday's work was no different than the last two weeks and went as follows. Started H.I.S. letter after breakfast. Went and collected new windowsill for lounge, bought some salad. Knocked a ball (or two) around in the garden for twenty mins, had shower, went into studio, in there 30 mins when Connie, electrician arrived (1:30pm). Went up to attic to see which TV cables were working. Dusty. Saw bats asleep! Came down and directed him putting 8 double sockets onto wall that had just been rebuilt and damp-proofed. Talked for three hours about world politics in between KANGO hammer. He also put lights back on wall and 3 TV aerial sockets into wall. 1. cable, 2. The Irish and British channels _ Sky, 3. SPARE! (as yest unconnected), by the time builders arrive to finish wall. (Michael and Paddy) Re-plastering over Connie's 'Kangoed' pieces, putting sill below windows - plastering below that and putting grill in top of wall for live draft! The Connie leaves (9:30pm) and the boys and I clean up the boards with brushes and vacuum. We take dust sheet off, but everything is dusty!! Carry it outside. Pull carpet back. Temp job. Skirting has to go back on before carpet re-fitted. Carry TV back in! Cables not ready yet! LOOKS GOOD!! I start with vacuum. Michael and Paddy leave (10:30pm). Very dusty but excited. Nearly all finished now. Connie back tomorrow to fix more lights. Ciaran coming tomorrow to OK leaky shower and put in vent (Plumber). Willie, one of the builders, says he couldn't stay in the house alone for 20 min & that he'd run out screaming. He thinks it's haunted. They all do!! I tell them that the only one who haunts this place is me & that if there was a ghost it would be me that was chasing it!! It's midnight. Not a sound. They'll be back tomorrow. It's been strange living alone these past 4 years. Don't even think about music some days. Roy x

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Roy letters

He used to write some interesting ones, didn't he. I miss those. Oh I know he does similar now on his site, but seeing it in his own handwriting gave a more personal touch.

Roy in India???

Argh Roy was in India and I never even knew! Would've drummed up a small welcome committee for sure! Wish I had the opportunity to see him.



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He needs a proper blog

.... or an "online dairy", as they say...