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Compiled by pd [at] mistlethrush [dot] co [dot] uk and ahoney [at] actrix [dot] gen [dot] nz


KEY:  M - mono, R - Reissue, NI - never issued, D - Deleted
ET - Extra Track(s) from original release , L# - Limited edition
RT - Real-time dubs (i.e. not high speed duplications)




Stormcock is arguably Roy's finest achievement. It contains four long songs, and to me it shows the very best of both Roy's writing and playing ability. The songs are so strong that they are still played in live sets today. The album includes some very appropriate arrangements by David Bedford, and guitar by S. Flavius Mercurius, also known as Jimmy Page.


The Sophisticated Beggar Strike SYB7 (JHL 105) /66 ML
Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith CBS BPG 63184 1/68 M
Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith CBS SBPG 63184 1/68
Folkjokeopus Liberty LBL 83231 4/69 M
Folkjokeopus Liberty LBS 83231 4/69
Folkjokeopus World Pacific WPS21888 USA/69
Flat Baroque And Berserk Harvest SHVL 766 6/70
Flat Baroque And Berserk Harvest EG 26 0585 1 6/70
Flat Baroque And Berserk Harvest/Capitol 418 (USA)


Flat Baroque And Berserk Toshiba/EMI/Odeon/Harvest OP-80221 (JPN)


Available in red and black vinyl
Return of the Sophisticated Beggar Young Blood (S)SYB 7 8/70 R
Stormcock Harvest SHVL 789 5/71
Stormcock Toshiba/EMI/Odeon/Harvest OP-80358 (JPN) 11/71
Return of the Sophisticated Beggar Birth RAB 3 /72 R
Lifemask Harvest SHVL 808 2/73
Valentine Harvest SHSP 4027 3/74
Valentine Pathe 062 05531 (FRA) /74
Valentine Harvest SHSP 4027 (NZL) /74
Valentine Toshiba/EMI/Odeon/Harvest EOP-81014 (JPN) 5/74
Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion Harvest SHDW 405 11/74
Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion Pathe 162 05736 (FRA) /74
HQ Harvest SHSP 4046 4/75
HQ Pathe 066 05883 (FRA) /75
When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease Chrysalis CHR1105 (USA) 4/75
Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion Toshiba/EMI/Harvest EMS-67030-31 (JPN) 5/75
Folkjokeopus Sunset SLS 50373 9/75 R
An Introduction To Roy Harper Chrysalis PRO 620 (USA) /76 Promo
HQ Toshiba/EMI/Harvest EMS-80367 (JPN) 2/76
Bullinamingvase Harvest SHSP 4060 3/77
Bullinamingvase Harvest SHSP 4060 3/77 R
Bullinamingvase Electrola 06406336 (FRG) /77
Bullinamingvase Pathe 068 06336 (FRA) /77
One Of Those Days In England Chrysalis CHR 1138 (USA) /77
The Sophisticated Beggar Big Ben BBX 502 4/77 R
Bullinamingvase Toshiba/EMI/Harvest EMS-80827 (JPN) 3/77
The Early Years CBS Embassy 31544 6/77 R
Commercial Break Harvest SHSP 4077 2/77 NI
Flat Baroque And Berserk Chrysalis CHR1160 (USA) /78
Stormcock Chrysalis CHR1161 (USA) /78
Lifemask Chrysalis CHR1162 (USA) /78
Valentine Chrysalis CHR1163 (USA) /78
Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion Chrysalis CHR1164 (USA) 11/78
Harper 1970-1975 Harvest SHSM 2025 5/78
Harper 1970-1975 Chrysalis CHR1188 (USA) 5/78
The Unknown Soldier Harvest SHVL 820 6/80
The Unknown Soldier Harvest ST 6474 (CAN) /80
The Unknown Soldier Electrola 1C06407259 (FRG) /80
Work of Heart Public PUBLP 5001 /82
Born In Captivity Hardup PUB 5002 /84 L830
Whatever Happened to Jugula? Beggars Banquet BEGA 60 2/85
Whatever Happened to Jugula? EMI EMC 276 (NZL) /85
Whatever Happened to Jugula? HMV Victor VIL6177 (JAP) /85
Whatever Happened to Jugula? PVC PVC 8937 (USA) /85
Born in Captivity Awareness AWL 1001 7/85 R
Flat Baroque and Berserk Harvest EG 2605851 7/85 R
Stormcock Awareness AWL 2001 10/85 R
HQ Harvest ATAK 68 /86 R
In Between Every Line Harvest EN 5004 /86
In Between Every Line EMI EMC 285 (NZL) /86
Work of Heart Awareness AWL 1002 /86 R
Work of Heart EMI EMC 275 (NZL) /86 R
Folkjokeopus Awareness AWL 1003 /86 R
Lifemask Awareness AWL 1007 /87 R
Bullinamingvase Harvest ATAK 101 /87 R
Bullinamingvase Harvest EMS 1259 /87 R
Descendants of Smith EMI EMC 3524 4/88
Whatever Happened To Jugula? Lowdown BBL60 /88 R
Loony on the Bus Awareness AWL 1011 2/89
Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion Awareness AWLD 1012 4/89 R
Valentine Awareness AWLD 1015 /89 R
Sophisticated Beggar Sundown/Magnum SDLP051 /89 R
Once Awareness AWL 1018 5/90
Burn the World Awareness AWL 1019 10/90




This picture comes from the Born In Captivity II cassette, which was later released on CD (with a couple of tracks dropped) called "Unhinged" as a play on MTV's "Unplugged" series. It gives an excellent representation of Roy live, and the sound quality is superb.


Flat Baroque And Berserk Harvest EG 26 0585 4 6/70
HQ Harvest /75
Bullinamingvase Harvest TC-SHSP 4060 /77
Harper 1970-1975 Harvest /78
Work of Heart Public TC PUBLP 5001 /82 L RT
Sophisticated Beggar Avon Music ASK791 /85
In Between Every Line EMI TCEN 5004 /86
Lifemask Awareness AWT 1007 /87 ET
...descendants of Smith EMI TCEMC 3524 /88
Loony On The Bus Awareness AWT 1011 /88
Born In Captivity Awareness AWT 1001 /89
Burn The World Awareness AWT 1049 /90
Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion Awareness AWTD 1012
Stormcock Awareness AWT 2001
Folkjokeopus Awareness AWT 1003
Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith Awareness AWT 1035 10/91 ET
Born In Captivity II Hard Up 2 Hard Up 002 7/92 L2000
Death Or Glory? Awareness AWT




HQ Harvest /75




The "Legend" reissue of Sophisticated Beggar is a little odd. It was on sale for 2 pounds in London. A legend on the back of the cover states that, for reasons of sound quality, some tracks may be re-recorded with as many of the original artists as possible!

The Awareness issues are also available re-labelled on Line (Germany)


Best of Roy Harper EMI CDP 746 604 2 /88 NI
Loony On The Bus Awareness AWCD 1011 10/88 ET
Loony On The Bus Rough Trade CD10-261 (GER) D
Descendants of Smith EMI CDP 790 139 2 3/88 ET
Descendants of Smith EMI CDEMC 3524 3/88 D ET
Descendants of Smith EMI UK 790139-2 (GER) D ET
Whatever Happened To Jugula? Beggars Banquet BBL60CD 8/88
Whatever Happened To Jugula? SPV 0188-2 (GER)
Sophisticated Beggar Sundown CDSM 051 1/89 D
Sophisticated Beggar Magnum CDSD-051 (GER)
Born In Captivity Awareness AWCD 1001 3/89
Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion Awareness AWCDD 1012 3/89
Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion Line OLCD9.510-49X (GER) /89
Valentine Awareness AWCD 1015 7/89 ET
Work Of Heart Awareness AWCD 1002 10/89
Folkjokeopus Awareness AWCD 1003 10/89
Stormcock Awareness AWCD 2001 /89
Lifemask Awareness AWCD 1007 10/90 ET
Once Awareness AWCD 1018 6/90
Once I.R.S. X2-13078 (USA) /90
Once Line LICD-9.00892 (GER) /90
Burn The World Awareness AWCD 1019 10/90
Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith Awareness AWCD 1035 10/91 ET
Death Or Glory? Awareness AWCD 1037
Legend Tring JHD064
Flat Baroque and Berserk Hard Up HUCD 003 12/93 RL5000
Unhinged Griffin GCDHR-132-2 3/94 R
Sophisticated Beggar Science Friction HUCD007 /94 R
Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith Science Friction HUCD006 /94 R
Folkjokeopus Science Friction HUCD009 /94 R
Flat Baroque and Berserk Hard Up HUCD003 /94 R
Stormcock Science Friction HUCD004 /94 R
Lifemask Science Friction HUCD005 /94 R
Valentine Science Friction HUCD015 /94 R
Flashes From The Archives Of Oblivion Science Friction HUCD010 /94 R
Commercial Breaks Science Friction HUCD016 /94
Work of Heart/Born in Captivity Science Friction HUCD008 /94 R
In Between Every Line Science Friction HUCD018 /94 R
Descendants of Smith/Garden of Uranium Science Friction HUCD014 /94 R
Once Science Friction HUCD011 /94 R
Burn the World Science Friction HUCD013 /94 R
Death or Glory? Science Friction HUCD012 /94 R
An Introduction to Roy Harper Science Friction HUCD017 /94
HQ Science Friction HUCD019 7/95 R
Unhinged Science Friction HUCD020 /95 R
Live at Les Cousins 1969 Blueprint BP220CD /96
Bullinamingvase Science Friction HUCD021 /96 R
The Roy Harper Interviews Disc 1 HUCD099A /97
The Roy Harper Interviews Disc 2 HUCD099B /97
The Roy Harper Interviews Disc 3 HUCD099C /97
The BBC Tapes Volume 1 Science Friction HUCD022 /97
The BBC Tapes Volume 2 Science Friction HUCD023 /97
The BBC Tapes Volume 3 Science Friction HUCD024 /97
The BBC Tapes Volume 4 Science Friction HUCD025 /97
The BBC Tapes Volume 5 Science Friction HUCD026 /97
The BBC Tapes Volume 6 Science Friction HUCD027 /97
Poems, Speeches, Thoughts and Doodles Science Friction HUCD029 12/97
The Dream Society Science Friction HUCD030 /98
The Green Man Science Friction HUCD033 /00
East of the Sun Science Friction HUCD034 /01
Royal Festival Hall Live Science Friction HUCD035 /01
Today is Yesterday Science Friction HUCD037 /02
Counter Culture Science Friction HUCD039 /05




Strike JH304 April 1966 Take Me In Your Eyes/Pretty Baby
CBS 203001 October 1967 Midspring Dithering/Zenjem LIFEMASK - GHENGIS SMITH
CBS 3371 April 1968 Life Goes By/Nobody's Got Any Money In The Summer GHENGIS SMITH
Harvest HAR 5059 October 1972 Bank of the Dead/Little Lady
Harvest HAR 5080 February 1974 (Don't You Think We're) Forever/Male Chauvinist Pig Blues
Harvest HAR 5089 1974 Home (Live)/Home (Studio)
Harvest HAR 5096 May 1975 When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease/Hallucinating Light (live)
Harvest HAR 5102 October 1975 Grown-Ups Are Just Silly Children/Referendum (Legend)
Harvest HAR 5120 March 1977 One Of Those Days In England/Watford Gap
Harvest HAR 5140 November 1977 Sail Away/Cherishing The Lonesome
Harvest HAR 5160 March 1978 R When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease/Home (studio)
Harvest HAR 5203 March 1980 Playing Games/First Thing In The Morning
Harvest HAR 5207 June 1980 Short and Sweet/Water Sports/Unknown Soldier
Public PUBS1001 October 1982 No-One Ever Gets Out Alive/Casualty (live - Glastonbury 1982)
Public PUBS1002 March 1983 I Still Care/Goodbye Ladybird (Acoustic)
Beggars Banquet BEG131T March 1985 Elizabeth/Advertisement/White Man (live)
EMI EM46 April 1988 Laughing Inside/Laughing Inside (acoustic)




DEATH OR GLORY? Awareness AWPD1037 1992 Death Or Glory?/The War Came Home Tonight/Duty/The Methane Zone



Beyond the Door Science Friction  HUDV040 2005 Includes audio CD also




Harvest HAR 5140S 1977 Sail Away (edit)/ Sail Away
Harvest PSR 407 1977 Referendum (Legend)/ Another Day (live)/ Tom Tiddler's Ground (live) (included with re-release of BULLINAMINGVASE)
Harvest PSR 408 1977 One Of Those Days In England/ Watford Gap/ Naked Flame/ Mrs Space
Chrysalis (USA) 1976 An Introduction to Roy Harper (Ian Anderson, Paul McCartney & Dave Gilmour talk about Harper and HQ)
THE HARVEST BAG   Living Here Alone [South Africa]


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Some additions to the singles and/or promo section.

BEG 131    Elizabeth/Advertisement   1985(7" version.  The one with White Man is 12")

Harvest 3C006-05461    Bank of the Dead/Little Lady  (Italian picture sleeve)

The Per Yarroh, Harry Rope & Rory Phare promos of laughing inside (1988 Picture sleeves)

Epic 5-10268   Midspring Dithering/Zengem 1967.  (Not sure if this was a public issue - mine has Radio Station Copy - prepared for release in US printed on the label.)

1C006-06 372, 4C006-06 372 & 5C006-06 372 are, respectively, theGerman, Belgian & Dutch releases of OOTDIE/Watford Gap from 1977.

72836 Capitol    Sort & Sweet/ Unknown Soldier 1980 (Canada).

Pro 626  Chrysalis   The Game/ The Game  (Promo - presumably from the PRO 620 Introduction to... LP)


And finally... my favourite....

5C006-06 748  Harvest    When an old cricketer leaves the Grease (sic)/Home  1975 Holland (and yes, the picture sleeve does contain that spelling error!)

Anyone got any more to add?  I'd love to know if there was a 2C or 3C.... version of OOTDIE/Watford Gap.




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Don't know where this would

Don't know where this would fit in the above discography but there's something called Hats Off to Roy Harper being offered on iTunes and, I think, eMusic.com.  I think it's a sort of introductory compilation.


More Cartridges...

Valentine  Harvest    8X-SHSP 4027

One Of Those days....  (Bullina..)    Chrysalis  8CH 1138

1970 - 1975  Chrysalis   8CH  1188.

Broken Wing

I don't recall this one being discussed before.  There is a version of Broken Wing on the WFMU (U.S. radio station) CD More Music, Less Parking from 2000.  Recorded on 5th September 1998 at Plasticland Studios (it says here).