Nick Harper, support Leeroy Stagger 18 Nov 2005 at King Tuts Glasgow

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Can you believe it I travelled through to Glasgow to meet up with my daughter and we couldn't find a decent pub prior to the gig! I mean we were in Glasgow, if you can't get a decent pint in Glasgow there is summit seriously wrong!

We eventually decided to make do with Bud Var's at King Tut's. Quiet a large contingent of student types plus a few crumblies / Roy Harper types (like me although I was wearing a better jumper than a couple of the other bearded ones) :)

At 8:30pm the doors opened but we weren't for standing in a queue so we had another beer then when the queue had gone we wandered upstairs to checkout the first act. I won't embarress them by naming em' (hey I can't remember their name for one thing) but lets just say "teenager in bedroom let loose with a electric guitar..." enough said. Surprisingly they seemed to get a big response at the end of their set, their Mums and Dads must've been at the front but I could be wrong.

The next fella up was Leeroy Stagger, who until this point I knew nowt about. I was very impressed with his voice and the songs. So impressed I bought the EP "Tales From the Back Porch". The EP was a bit of a surprise as the songs on the EP fitted the description on his website Alt-Country Rock with a bit of a Rolling Stones-esque thing, whereas he did quite gentle romantic numbers with just him on guitar and harmonica. More info on Leeroy here

Time for another beer and Nick came on I can't remember the exact set list (I was to busy just enjoying the songs) but I think he started with Building Your Own Temple and fairly shortly after that Shadowlands and Riverside. Shortly followed by a couple of others the first song from the new CD was (I think) Treasure Island. Other songs he played from Treasure Island were By My Rocket Comes Fire (which is a blast), Bloom (which I love)

Other memorable moments were the ubiquitous Guitar Man with a bit of Jimi and Led Zep as we now come to expect.

Towards the middle / end of his set there was a problem with the sound which seemed to restrict what sound Nick could get out with the guitar, just seemed to be lacking in power in some way. From what I could see on the screen of his Apple Mac Powerbook only one of his level meters was twitching the rest were flat as a pancake. The sound guy showed up on the stage with a replacement cable but Nick didn't use it in the end.

To top it all Nick's throat was hurting too, as he had to pop in some kinda throat pastelle. I certainly didn't notice any difference to his voice as it sounded business as usual.

While I'm sure Nick may have been pretty stressed by the sound problem we still enjoyed the gig, it may have helped that we were right at the front having a great time singing along and bouncing around of course :)

Afterwards we bought Treasure Island , which I certainly reccomend you do to! Treasure Island