Roy on Irish Radio 2fm, July 12th 2004 (audio)

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Paul G (aka Furiousblanket) kindly sent through an MP3 of an interview on Irish Radio that Roy did in 2004. It includes live performances of Green Man and Cricketer, some interesting anecdotes, and is worth a listen.

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Vary interesting & entertaining!!

I wonder if Mr R . Waters (no relation) has heard such disparagement?

andi (in Kaos)

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Grumpy old gits!

First thought on hearing this was what a bunch o grumpy old gits talking about their medical problems but I quickly got into the self deprecating humour of it together with the memory loss and tales of mercurial substance and philosophy abuse!

Thanks to PD and Paul G for making my day.  Although there was nothing substantially new here, it is a wonderfully revealing trip down memory lane.  Thank heavens for English Eccentricity.  It won't be long before Gordo finds a way to tax it.

Condiser this, you can get your Eccentricity from several suppliers but its the same stuff with different billing arrangements, direct debits or pay as you go options.  What's that I hear you say?  Its already taxed!!!  Slipping away into some future yesterday....

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Bill Khron

Thanks Bill for making my day... just been listening to Hallucinating Light on your Myspace site... in the right emotional mood it can actually make you cry and your headphones and head start going rusty with all that salt water...