Clonakilty 2007 is over!

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Hi All,

We got back home last night from a wonderful week in Ireland. Thursday was "the last gig" as Roy put it. Only one word for it really: spellbinding. Again I didn't make out a complete set list but it included:

Sophisticated Beggar, Short and Sweet, Man in the Moon, Pan, Candide, Hors D'Oeuvres, Same Old Rock, One Man Rock'n'Roll Band, Me and My Woman, Don't you Grieve, 12 Hours of Sunset

The Stormcock suite was just bliss. I still believe this was the pinnacle of Roy's lyrical and musical endeavours; that sounds a bit off given the incredible body of work that followed it, and I certainly would never want to be without most of the following albums, but those four songs are 40 or so minutes of perfection and it was glorious to hear them live.

From talking to Roy later I found that he had in fact tuned his guitars up a couple of frets from the usual place, and was determined to give the gig his all, since it was the last (for a while if not for ever). Well, it paid off - standing ovations, smiling faces, and sad faces (both at the same time) all showed that.

I'd just like to state for the record that I would be happy to buy a raw unmixed soundboard copy of this gig from Roy/Tracy should they decide to make this available, at practically any price... The petition starts here! Actually in all seriousness I am interested to see how many people would be interested in that sort of raw concert recording made available officially; I'm putting a poll up on for fun. I have no idea whether this is planned or even possible, I just keep thinking how I'd love to see it happen.

I have uploaded a bucketload of photos to flickr.

I met a lot of wonderful people in the last week; many I already knew, but many became friends for the first time. Let's hope we get the chance to do this again sometime.



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Dear all,

A quick on the site report from Clonakilty.

I wasn't at Thursday's gig but I'm reliably informed that the set list was:

Tom Tiddler
Drawn to the Flames
Frozen Moment
White Man
Pinches of Salt
Highway Blues
Watford Gap
One of Those Days in England
plus one other for encore.

I was there last night (Sunday) and the place was full as usual. Personally I thought that Roy's voice and general playing were excellent; the voice was very clear and the in between song chat was very illuminating, taking on a very literary feel to it actually with discussion of various philosophers and poets etc. It was a quieter set than the Thursday, partly in theory due to wanting Matt to rest his hand. He has a broken finger, allegedly caused by his wanting to demonstrate how you can do pushups on one finger at some point during a stag night...

I didn't write the set list down, but the songs included: How Does it Feel, Cherishing the Lonesome, Hallucinating Light, The Green Man, Candide, Pan, The Man in the Moon, The Monster, Twelve Hours of Sunset. Roy seemed to think that it wasn't that good a gig, due to forgetting the odd lyric here and there and a couple of false starts, but to be honest I loved it. There's something special about the atmosphere at the Clonakilty gigs and presumably it's a more relaxing environment for Roy to play at - no rushing to somewhere new in the car, hotels, soundchecks with strange equipment etc.

I met a number of people from the list and from the web site, plus some others that I've known the faces of and now know the names! I also met the infamous Cropton/Watterson duo who did eventually make it over here, the car troubles being caused by a disconnected clutch cable apparently.

Photos to follow; I was taking a number myself but Simon Foster is sitting next to me as I type this and we hope to get one or two initial pictures up on the web site in a bit.


sunday night

i took down the setlist on a dreaded mobile phone ( i had it on silent and it didnt flash).

how does it feel?

naked flame


hallucinating light

man in the moon


the green man


cherishing the lonesome

the monster

twelve hours of sunset

i agree with pd - it was an excellent gig with a good selection of songs. with such a large back catalogue of songs to choose from theres inevitably a couple of songs at each rh gig that i might have swapped for different ones but everything last night was perfect. im even starting to like pan and candide is a very powerful song and my favorite of the new ones hes played over the last few years by far. its hard to pick highlights but if i had to i'd go for hallucinating light, the green man, candide and the monster. he seemed to forget the words to the monster in places but improvised some nice reverby vocals instead lending the song a nice "miles remains" vibe, sort of. hallucinating light also ended with some dreamy vocals... roys singing and playing were excellent and his gigs with matt that ive seen have been very tight and well rehearsed sounding. the broken finger didnt have any noticable negative effect on the performance!

in contrast to the party atmosphere (?!) of last years sunday gig and the good humoured messing in dublin in may i found the over all mood of last nights gig to be sombre and a bit bleak but maybe that was just me.


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Thursday 26th August

I managed to "half-hince" Matt's set list from Thursday's gig ( also got him and Roy to scroll all over it afterwards - Roy did appologise for "spoiling" it - but eh ... what a cracking souveneer of an amazing gig !! ) :


Sophisticated Beggar

I'll see You Again

Short & Sweet

Man in The Moon



Hors D'Oeuvres

The Same Old Rock

One Man Rock 'N Roll Band

Me & My Woman

Don't You Greeve

12 Hours of Sunset

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When we me and Ian ('the normal guys') went round the corner from De Barras we noticed in the record shop a CD of Matt Churchill for sale! We missed the Wednesday performance by other artists and wonder if anyone had any info on that?


andy w

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Here are some of the initial photos! The first three are by kind permission of Simon Foster and the last is courtesy of Neil Pilkington. You can blame me for the lampstand in one of Simon's photos; I like it and he does not...

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Clon pics

Thanks for these, Paul - really good.

Enjoy the Gathering and the Last Gig.



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Gorgeous pics guys, and

Gorgeous pics guys, and thanks for the reports. Wish I could have gone again this year! *sigh*

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I'm with you Paul, the

I'm with you Paul, the lampstand shot is the best of the lot!

. o O (

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Clonakilty update

Hi All,

I'm writing this on Thursday morning; one more gig tonight and then we head back to England late tomorrow. It's been a fantastic week so far but the main excitement from my point of view is the promise of all of "Stormcock" tonight, as promised by Roy... this will be a perfect end to the week and, as seems likely, this is the last gig for a while, then I can't think of a better way to round things off to be honest.

We had the "Gathering" on Tuesday night which was as usual a really nice mellow evening, very conducive to chatting with people and generally enjoying being in the company of many like minded people. Roy did his usual Q&A session and covered a very wide range of topics. One thing to come out of it was his determination to knuckle down and get on with the writing/composing/recording. I think he is suffering, like many of us, from "information overload" in the modern wired world and realises that he needs to try to simplify things, remove as many external influences as possible for a while, and knuckle down. As he said, if you're a poet tucked away in an attic somewhere far away from the modern world it's relatively easy to focus entirely on your art, but for him at the moment that's not proving to be so simple! I think all the ideas and concepts are there - indeed, they have been for a long time - so it's fingers crossed that everything comes to fruition over the coming months/years. I'm finding it rather hard to imagine we won't be back here next year for gigs.


De Barra's 2007 (Thursday 19/7)

What a great setting. A lovely, unique, intimate atmosphere

So good to be part of a dedicated crowd of well-wishers and Roy-Spotters. A nice friendly vibe and a hugely entertaining set. Even two songs I'd not heard (live, or sober) before. Thank You Roy, and long may this continue


Steve & Lyn

Milton Keynes


What a very crappy little chappie

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I'm still on cloud 9 from

I'm still on cloud 9 from Thursday night (as well as Sunday and Tuesday), and thanks to Simon and Neil for the photos - I agree with you, Paul, the one of Roy with the lampshade looks fantastic.  I've uploaded a few photos from The Gathering in the first entry in my blog (3 in one as an attachment) and will upload some photos in the next week or so from Thursday. Best wishes, Sandie