The BBC Tapes reissued, September 2007

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The 6-CD "BBC Tapes" collection has been re-issued with new artwork. I think that some of these recordings have been out of print for a while. If you're not familiar with them, they are all taken from various BBC sessions and concerts over the years and cover a range of material from early pieces (including a great live "Hells Angels") through full band material from "HQ" to some great duo stuff with Andy Roberts. Most of the material is of studio quality though there are a few tracks taken "off air" with the subsequent radio artifacts you'd expect.

It's a very satisfying set, and one that I rediscovered lately having not listened to any of it for a couple of years.

You can order it directly from Roy's web site and get the full set for £45, though you can also buy the individual CDs for £9 each. If you do the maths you'll see it makes sense to go for the set.

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BBC tapes

Mildly peed off that the new covers are MUCH better than the ones I've got, and the CDs are cheaper too than when I got them - I seem to remember £60+. Never mind, at least there are no extras! (There aren't, are there?). I started working my way through them again the other week - I've listened to the first three and am really enjoying them, looking forward to the rest, which have got some of my favourite stuff on. Highly recommended.

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They've shipped - mine came

They've shipped - mine came this morning. The music is the same as before, no extras, so you can relax, Watcher