Bob's Rucksack

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Bob's Rucksack

Those of you with long memories may remember a comic strip that ran in "Hors D'Oeuvres" (the Roy Harper magazine). Bob was an amazing character that was always at every Roy Harper gig, no matter where or when. The story was that he worked for British Rail and hence found it easier than most to travel up and down the country going to gigs (this was, of course, before the railways were privatised... grrr....). He had a large rucksack which became quite legendary.

Here we have some new strips, thanks to Darren Crisp, that never made it to the magiazine. Hors D'Oeuvres is allegedly still in production by the way. We're expecting the next issue sometime in 2058.

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Bob's rucksack

Would this Bob by any chance be Brummie Bob Owens? Can someone confirm? If so, I know him! The one I know uses 'rucksack' in his email address as well. He's still around and now at Nick's gigs quite often in Birmingham if he is one and the same. And bring back Hors d'Oeuvres is what I say!
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Yes, it's Bob Owens

Yep, that's the fella!

Bob had to stop going to gigs for a while due to ear problems but in recent years has been seen again. He's on the stormcock mailing list actually so hopefully he will make his way over here at some point.


Ah ha! He is a character. I like him. Hopefully will catch up with him again in Brum in a few weeks. Last heard from him at Christmas. Hi Bob if you read this!
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I drew them cartoons. :-) Bob was/is ace. Quite the most enthusiastic chap I ever met. Send my regards, anyone who sees him! Still not sure what he *really*had in that rucksack/tardis though.....


Gosh, Pete, you're so good at doing so many things! So when are you going to come up with a Nick cartoon?! I'm hoping Bob will be at Nick's Barfly gig. I think I should email him and see if his ears have been burning!
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Darren Crisp

Is Darren still about? Is he OK?  I bought a fair bit of merchadise from him when he ran that side of the business and spoke to him on the phone a couple of times when doing the mail order thing, seemed a decent sort of bloke, but disappeared all of a sudden.

Darren Crisp

Yes, he's still alive and kicking! I saw him last at Off the Tracks in May 06, where he was doing the PRS. Before that he was around on Roy's October 05 tour doing the merch. You know they have a daughter now - I think she must be about five or six. He's still involved with things on the artiste side.
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well according to Paul ...

Darren was threatening to join up to this forum and let everyone know what he is up to ... though he hasn't joined yet .... or has he ?!?!

I'd like to imagine he will be at Roy's gig in Sheffield, which I'll hopefully be at ... but again according to Paul, he is rather busy at the moment, working with The Proclaimers !!

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It would be great to see Darren again, and for him to join here. His daughter is called Emily, if I recall correctly. A lovely name. Hope he appears here soon!

hello from me!

Hello !

It is such a long time since I have posted anything to any site to do with the Harpers, but I got a message the other day from Nick's PR saying - "...hey you are being asked after on the new Stormcock site...." well the only thing I could do was to join and say hello.

I think this site is going to develope into something far better than the mailing list would ever acheive, and with any luck people will be talking more about the harpers and their work, although some of the issues brought up on the mailing list have been amusing to say the least.

I'll be posting a blog later so those interested in what I'm doing nowadays can catch up, if indeed you would want to!  There will be some bits on Roy and this years tour.

Nice to be here


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You are most welcome here, old friend.

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Long time no see

Good lad! Looking forward to a renewed acquaintance in cyberspace and hopefully elsewhere, mate. how's the family? Great to see you here, stick around! Pete