Nick Harper takes on Everest

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Nick has started his trip to Everest Base Camp as part of the LoveHopeStrength foundations "Everest Rocks" project. See for daily updates on the project. More media coverage should appear as the trip progresses.

Nick appeared on the BBC "Points West" programme recently in a very nice little segment about his trip to Everest, which has just started. Click the "read more" link to see the footage.

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Nick sets off

That's a nicely edited little piece. We sent him a quick message along the lines...'Thermal undercracklings at the ready? Is that the sound of Sherpa tensing?'... Fingers crossed for a safe and successful trip. Are the Beeb filming it do we know? TTFN Dave

The whole Everest Rocks

The whole Everest Rocks event is being covered by a film crew for transmission at a later date on MTV/BBC. Log on here for daily reports and live music feeds: Heard from Nick early this morning (Nepal time appox 7hrs later than UK). Arrived OK. Now the real work starts!
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Indeed Paul, and the video is sorted :)

Right everyone, here's the link - Paul, can you either take a copy of it or embed it?  I can send you the alleged code for that

Nick on Points West, 9 October 2007

Dim has one at higher quality, and he did this widescreen, but I think it looks pretty good at present!

Everest is rocking!

Nick has managed to post a brief message from Kathmandu this evening (or probably their early morning Friday!) on his web page.