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This Book Page is for people to add and maintain links to videos of Roy Harper on the Internet

I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do..

Roy Harper Videos Online
David Gilmour and Roy Harper - Short and Sweet Roy wrote the lyrics
Cherishing the Lonesome Live Not sure when this was made but about 20+ years ago
Hallucinating Light Live 22/07/2007 Clon Best viewed from a horizontal position!
Roy Harper - Playing God Familiar?
Roy Harper One Of Those Days In England Old Grey Whistle Test
Stonehenge Free Music Festival long 57 mins - wow!!!!
Roy Harper-Me and my woman (clip) Live at the Rhythm Festival in Bedford
Roy Harper - Little Lady Roy played Mike Preston in the film MADE, here is a clip from the movie where he sings Little Lady, enjoy
Roy Harper. Back to the Stones Roy Harper song about the Stonehenge festival 1985.  The battle of the beanfield
Roy Harper - Woman- Glastonbury 1982 Part of a 1-hour live set filmed at Glastonbury 1982. Great shots of Glasto freaks back in the day. Recorded off ITV one Saturday night in 1987 and never repeated as far as I know.
Roy Harper with the Tea Party / time art slide show // art from ""
Roy Harper - Elizabeth Live - Glastonbury 1982 wow - memories are made of this!