Nick on the Radio, 28th November 2007

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It's been a great week for Nick Harper as he featured on both BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio 2 this week.

Firstly, the Wales show. This features an excellent interview and session pieces, and you can tell that Alan Thompson is really in tune with Nicks music, and rather taken aback by his guitar skills. Listen


Secondly, the Radio 2 show was very interesting as it featured both Nick and a classical guitarist, Craig Ogden. This will be the most unusual version of LoveJunky you will have ever heard! Listen

Well done on both of those Nick, it's great to see you getting this sort of coverage.

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Thanks, Paul

We like to keep the Harper name in the spotlight! I liked that new version of Love Junky - wouldn't it be interesting to hear similar of other songs as well!
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Radio Harpic

Blistering performance of Love Junky in its entirety to start with, then the fascinating meeting of two styles on common gound, and yeah, would be interesting to hear other versions of old favourites. Mind you...lights and bushels...Nick can play delightful classical-oriented pieces too, as evidenced by 'Instrumental'. 'Twas splendid to hear him on the radiogram.

Wonderful Stuff!

Thanks Paul, for uploading these great segments. I too, loved the "new" version of "Love Junky".

It's great that Nick is getting all this exposure - I hope it keeps up. I can't think of anyone more deserving!