Roy Harper promotional booklet from the 70s

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With many thanks to Linn (HarperPR), here is an early xmas present. I've scanned in all pages from this wonderful little booklet that was produced in the early 70s. Judging from the content it most likely came out just before the release of Lifemask, as it has Flat Baroque and Stormcock on the back page as "Roy Harper on album" and also includes the words to the Lords Prayer (from Lifemask) in the centre pages. It is a very fascinating representation of what Roy was about at that point in his life.

You can download the whole thing as a PDF file here. Apologies for the file size, but I felt this deserved the best quality scan possible.

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Excellent! Thanks Paul &


Thanks Paul & Linn.

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Thanks Paul and Linn for the

Thanks Paul and Linn for the PDF. Dunno if this helps for folks with dial-up but I have optimised the file using PDF Shrink and Acrobat Pro and got it down to 10mb. I did another version at 460k but it was a tad hard to read as the text was to blurry, any hoo here's a link to the 10mb version plus I have cropped it to it's original size.

Roy Brochure 10mb

The 10mb version also has the advantage that the pages display a bit quicker on the screen.

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That really was an

That really was an interesting read...very accessible too.

It was interesting to read Roy used to box, something I had no idea of  before.

That'll help for the Harper Triva quiz, when it comes up one day!

__________________________________________________________________________ Laissez lire, et laissez danser; ces deux amusements ne feront jamais de mal au monde!!

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Roy's little brown/green promotional book from the 1970s


Can't remember the year and have lost the book ,but this little pamphlet about ten pages long included the lyrics to "Well I'll see you again by accident and maybe I'll see you again, I'm feeling the reasons for why I went, like mountains between now and then....etc."

Some of his 'Chairman Mao'  soliliquous thoughts were also in there and some pics as well. I picked up a copy of it when he played Colston Hall in Bristol and he was seriously ill and thought he was on the way out. He came on the stage with hands in pockets looking sorry for himself saying he needed a million operations on the million infections they'd discovered in his lungs. Some of us were in tears. The stage backdrop was a guy smoking a twenty one skinner watching TV sitting on a settee in a front room.

Does anyone have a copy of the booklet to download because it would certainly bring back a lot of memories personal to me? Roy probably has got copies of loads of stuff tucked away in his archives which some of us would bite his hand off which he could broadcast thru'  this medium but he's probably busy right now concentrating on the future chaos of this planet/species with his next masterpiece in the recording studio methinks.


My Japanese vinyl of

My Japanese vinyl of Valentine has a booklet which sounds like it could be a facsimile of the one you are talking about.  The cover is brown with a large white V and also, in green, at the bottom is the title and artist.  There are copies of several newspaper cuttings and the lyrics to all the songs along with the same comments as the original booklet from the UK vinyl issue.  There's also a Japanese translation of the songs and what I can only guess is a general introduction to Roy.

Ring anymore bells?

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Dear Steve T You could ask

Dear Steve T

You could ask Paul how to upload it to this site maybe? Unless you know how to do it already with a scanner etc..?




It's 12" by 12".  I only

It's 12" by 12".  I only have an A4 scanner.   Besides, unless there is anything new in the Japanese bit I don't think there's anything that hasn't been seen elsewhere.