Roy Harper interview by Dave McNarie 1983

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Conducted at a pub and a snooker hall, both in Brixton. And to think Roy could have been at Billy Connelly's gig instead... 19-20.12.83

Roy interviewed by Dave McNarie 1983

This interview starts off looking at Roy's origins of how and why he got into performing and writing. He also critiques his albums up to that date which leads onto the fall out with EMI and the debt that accrued as a result of the him pulling Bullinamingvase.

They then talk about how he could make a little bit more money to allow him to record by trying to tap into fans in America, along the way Duran Duran get a mention as an example of lesser talent doing well in the States :)

It finishes off with Roy remembering meeting Jimmy Page for the first time and seeing Zep in action for the following day.

On stage 1983