About Stormcock

"Stormcock" is an Internet community set up for fans of both Roy Harper and his son Nick Harper. It started in 1990, before many people had even heard of the Internet let alone got high speed connections from home, when I worked at London University. It was set up as an Internet Mailing list. This is an old fashioned, though still extremely popular, way to have online discussions, via email. Subscribers get all new posts to the list in their mailbox, either as a daily "digest" of messages, or as a drip-feed (each message arriving coming as and when they are submitted).

I set this web site up as a more "modern" community in April 2007. It includes all the now-commonplace facilities like blogs, forums and chat rooms. However the original Stormcock is the mailing list itself. If you are interested in joining, see the list info page. The mailing list is a lot more chatty and mostly off-topic so it depends on what you're looking for. Give it a try and see what you think.

I would like to assure you that this site and the mailing list have always been, and will always remain, free of charge and have no advertising whatsoever. I've put a donation button on the site but that's entirely voluntary and is just to cover hosting costs and equipment for the podcast.


These are the main features of the site:

  • User Blogs. Every user may keep their own blog on this site.
  • Forums. Online discussion method as an alternative to the mailing list.
  • Library. A growing collection of articles about Roy, Nick and anything else of interest. You as a subscriber to this site can contribute your own articles to the library.
  • Chat Room. A place where we can hold live conversations.
  • Shout Box. A simple way to leave one-line messages for other people that are browsing the site.

The emphasis is on collaboration and user content. Much nicer than the old static web site which had been around for years and was rather hard to maintain.

Please note:

  • Offensive articles (as deemed by me and any other moderators I may appoint) will be removed forthwith and may result in banning of the offender.
  • Discussion of the trading of illegal recordings, videos or other similar items is not allowed.
  • Swearwords are discouraged and may be starred out.