The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 7

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Welcome to the seventh Roy Harper podcast. This month we have the second half of the two-part interview with Darren Crisp. I'm keeping the length of the podcasts down such that they can be burned to a CD now, thanks for your feedback about that. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at
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Podcast 7

Ah, Paul ... Bank of the Dead - thanks! I have been spinning the vinyl Lifemask a lot lately and have rediscovered this song. Are you reading my mind? Great stuff, as usual.



Podcast 7

A great way to while away an hour or however long it was this time.   Was anybody else struck by the similarities in some of  Darren's vocal mannerisms and intonation, with those of Roy?

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Podcast 7

Another excellent pod, Paul - really enjoyed hearing Darren's dulcet tones again and yes, I agree, he really does have a similar vocal manner to Roy's. It was fascinating to hear about his time on the road with Roy, as well as background to the birth of Science Friction, his early Nick reminiscences and all his more recent activities (working with Uri Geller eh? Better keep those watches and spoons out of reach!). Would LOVE to see that ancient film footage of Roy at the Albert Hall, if it ever gets cleaned up enough to be released. Great to hear 'Goodbye' from FB&B again too. Trust that episode 8 lives up to the high standards set by this (and previous) Pod's! :)

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Also meant to say that 'Work of Heart' is one of our favourite Roy albums (played it loads when Dave and I first met in the mid-80s), so lovely to hear a track off that too.
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Good stuff again Paul..Thanks.

Very good quality even on crappy earphones down library.

I don't see the problem with having Mac Goohan's Blues on a pod.. or even the whole of Stormycock...