Nick Harper tour dates

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Nick Harper has a new tour coming up for 2008, starting in May and running through to November in Norway. Along the way he includes a trip up Mount Snowdon for LoveHopeStrength, and another in Peru.

For my part I expect to see him at the Trowbridge festival ("village pump") and the Levellers gig at the Royal Albert Hall.

As I've said before, it's very much worth making the effort to go out and see Nick live. He is a very accomplished performer and often is able to bring the songs to life in a way that transcends what you may already have heard on the recordings.

Tour dates are here.

Bring your friends!

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For a bloke who lives just down the road from me he seems to spend a lifetime playing bloody miles away :-(


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Nick Harper Tour Dates

I just love that 'NickGlo' pic.

Who did that?



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I did!

I made that picture by processing one of the ones I'd taken in Cambridge earlier this year, and doing some filtering in Paintshop Pro. I was pleased with it, so I'm glad you like it Nick.