The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 9

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Welcome to the 9th Roy Harper podcast for May 2008. This month we have an interview with Paul Davison conducted by Nick Lane. The second half of the two-part interview with Dave and Sue Burnham will be next month. We also have the A-Z of Harper ('I' this month), listener feedback, and plenty of music. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at

Shownotes are available at my blog.

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Dr_Doom_The_Optimist's picture

Revolution Number 9

"How weird must it be listening to an internet programme about ... you" !

I thought Zaney Laney (that one's gonna stick) should have probed you more on Harper than the techie stuff, but I still enjoyed it. Nice one Paul and Nick!



. o O (

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Zaney Laney

What a great new nickname....

You might have a point re the balance of the conversation, but I think Nick had set an agenda for the interview and was most interested in the community/history side of things. Certainly there was much more I could have said about the musical side, though I was very keen to keep my interview down to a one-parter in the interests of sanity (mine, primarily).

Cheers, Paul.

Enjay's picture

Zaney Laney

Oh lawd

I'll never live it down; oh well, when I was at primary school I was called 'Bronco'. (Anyone got a memory long enough to realise why?)

As it happens, I thought the interview was fascinating and I wanted to give Paul a platform to explain the mechanism and history behind his support. This will not have been too apparent for many, I guessed.

I do think we also explored 'Harperspace' quite well. We certainly had a laugh outside of the podcast; thanks again Paul, it was great fun.

Apprentice interviewer Nick.



Bob Jacobs's picture

Bronco Lane

Wasn't he a character in one of the innumerable black & white westerns we used to watch on the box in the 60s?


pH's picture

Nick 'Zaney / Bronco' Lane

I have to say that Nick Lane is an underrated talent. A great interviewer with an astute, incisive and flowing style. I would bet that there was a minimum of edits in this interview, am I right, Paul? Nick has something that not all 'upfront presenter'-type people have: that ability to relax his interviewee whilst remaining as cool as an apple cucumber in his direction. Go and have a listen to Nick's own interview on the earlier Podcast.  Thanks  Nick ... and Paul.

pd's picture

I did the edits straight

I did the edits straight after the interview while Nick and I did a playback and you're right, there wasn't much to do... just the occasional long gap and brain fart :) You are right, Nick is good at this and if I have the chance to get him on the podcast again I certainly will!

Alan Jones's picture


Long enough and sad enough....."Bronco, Bronco, tearing across the Texas plain/Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Lane! There ain't a horse that he can't handle, there ain't a horse that he can't tame/There ain't a horse that he can't handle/That's how he got his name!"


got me wondering, Nick - when you worked as a milkman, you didn't have a horse-drawn float, did you...?

Alan Jones

Mr_Plod_The_Pessimist's picture

Cloud Nine

Excellent Podcast - well done Nick in getting Paul to go public on stuff he might otherwise have kept in reserve.

Interesting comparisons between mailing list and site.  I am veering more to the latter for precisely the reasons Paul articulates.

Also, strongly recommend reading the blogs on "Work of Heart" mentioned by Paul.


Barry's picture

Great stuff again!

Great podcast once again, well done Paul & Nick, good piece of role reversal!

pd's picture

Thanks Barry. On the whole I

Thanks Barry. On the whole I much prefer to be the one asking the questions, but it was good to get hold fo the soap box just this once.

The exciting bit for me is

The exciting bit for me is listening to the final piece of music to see if anything has been tagged on after it.  I can't be the only one to make the full distance, shirley? 

pd's picture

Nice to hear that Steve.

Nice to hear that Steve. Anything that does appear right at the end will typically not appear in the shownuts.

aspwatterson's picture

Podcast Number 9, number 9....

Re-edited for fun....

I thought it was sheer self-aggrandising, slap-on-ones-own-back, parochial, incestuous , mind-drooling nepotism getting in sychophantic cahoots with an obsequious cohort to interview you ,yourself, in this grand regal hall of worthier ideals!  

Only joking poking sunshine!!  Good stuff, keep it up, and oneday, just maybe, we'll get Sergeant Sunshine himself interviewed when he comes out of his self-imposed elixir of exile?? 


Just love   ' IF ' and it's absolute concordance  with the way I'd feel if I did meet Jesus or whoever on my deathbed.... as a humble traveller of wondrous thought cherising the lonesome!


Cheers for noodles...


aspwatterson's picture


Who is the backing singer on this?



aspwatterson's picture


Shownuts : definition? A Harper heckler?

Go to video at 1.32 minutes for 'Shownuts' blooper at :

It's a funny coincidence n'est ce pas?


"by living the love you only talking of, when you stand man to man"

Bob Jacobs's picture

That video is "not available"

What did it show?


aspwatterson's picture

Show nuts..... nothing to do do with porno.. hasten to add!!


Type in 'show nuts' [ not 'shownuts' ] on Google search worldwide and the video Youtube link should come up on the top first page. Am continually surprised that certain vids don't come up on  Youtube despite being there on a Google search... someone is probably there exercising some control.. that  definitely reminds me of a song!

Basically the guy in an office environment mistakenly says 'show nuts' instead of 'show notes' and very similar to PD's  comical gaffe..