The Matt Churchill Special

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This is a special episode for mid-July 2008 concentrating on Matt Churchill. Matt has worked with Roy extensively in recent years, as people that have been to gigs will know. I had the opportunity to interview Matt while in Ireland recently and so here is a one-off special episode concentrating on Matt and his music.

Shownotes are available at my blog.

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Guitar chats

I really enjoyed this one Paul. As a 'lapsed' guitarist it was one of those conversations that made me want to go and blow the dust off my old acoustic. Always interesting to hear how musicians get started and what their influences were/are. I can understand Matt's initial reticence in taking Roy up on his offer, but . . . WOW, can you imagine?! His embellishments do sit very well with Roy's work live and excellent that he put his own stamp on it, keeping it fresh, letting it grow. Nice one. Dave of the Burnham variety