The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 12

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Welcome to the Roy Harper podcast, episode 12 for August 2008. This month I am delighted to say that we have part one of a three-part interview with Roy Harper. You won't want to miss this one! We also have the A-Z of Harper ('L' this month), listener feedback, and plenty of music. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at

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Thanks Paul, this one is such a bonus. I just happen to be in Sydney right now and have access to the luxury of broadband. Yes it's been a while, and I do miss the excitement of the usual pilgrimmige over there - after all it is that time of year! Anyway there's a local music festival which kicks off in a couple of weeks so that will have to do for now. Meanwhile I'll look forward to giving this the treatment on my travels back to Sawtell. Keep 'em coming!



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Great podcast, I first downloaded it in February but just the other day downloaded the last couple of episodes. Thought the interview with the guy from Colerado was good (Don't know why he thought it wasn't interesting) and of course the interview with the man himself was something else, can't wait for the next installment. Incidently Roy's association with Led Zepp and the Floyd can only have helped to get him noticed by a wider audience. If I hadn't heard Hats off to Harper,  I (and i'm sure many others) would not have gone out of their way to seek out his music.

Paul Stapleton.


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What a difference a good teacher can make: bringing Keats into the young Roy’s life was a powerful catalyst and the core to the gradual combination of music and words being the vehicle for his gift of poetic expression.

I wouldn’t say that Roy was a bad interviewee either, unique certainly, and modern media might struggle for concise ‘soundbites’ but how much more interesting to hear a train of thought, rather than clipped and well-rehearsed responses. It’s wonderful to hear Roy’s voice again, along with his up to date reflections on the past and present. The podcast easily deserves repeated listening and conjures a perfect image with the sound of birdsong in the background.

What is the price of pondweed these days, anyway? (grin)

Dave of the Burnham variety