The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 13

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Welcome to the Roy Harper podcast, episode 13 for mid-August 2008. This month we have part two of a three-part interview with Roy Harper. You won't want to miss this one, but listen to part one first! We also have the A-Z of Harper ('M' this month), listener feedback, and plenty of music. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at

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Superb Paul - if you and Vicky would ever again like a whisky...........sod it, let's just do it - back at work from Tuesday  so please get in touch - seriously impressed with the two thirds of casting the pods - looking forward to the next spasm.  Sorry you were struck down after Crop Ready - I managed to survive the last three weeks' leave on an alcohol based diet which MUST end tomorrow if City dwellers are to feel safe from Tuesday.

Best Regards

Lord Clarke



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Interview part 2

Fantastic work Paul - just walked around Epping Forest (well a small bit of it) listening to the interview part 2 - and it is compelling stuff. Very interesting Roy's ideas about culture and his 'defence' of songs such as The methane Zone which you know I hate!  Your interview technique is spot on as you really give Roy time and space to develop ideas and digress - which is really what I want to hear.  Love the sound of birds and bees etc in the background - really imagined I was there with you!  And to top it all what a brilliant version of Me & My Woman - made me revisit The RFH cd - strings are amazing - guess I'd never listened under headphones before).  Cropredy stuff at the end was embarrassing but I'll let you off.... Take care mate   james