The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 14

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Welcome to the Roy Harper podcast, episode 14 for September 2008. This month we have part three of the three-part interview with Roy Harper. You won't want to miss this one, but listen to parts one and two first! Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at The interview is very long, so the usual features (feedback, A-Z of Harper) will be back next month.

Shownotes are available at my blog.

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Re-mastering "Inbetween Every Line"


Just a note re. not being able to fit all of "Inbetween Every Line" onto one CD, a better alternative would be an extended 2 CD release with the second CD containing Hangman and any other live recordings of that same tour from the archives that didn't make it onto the original 1986 release. From a fan perspective this would be better than a straight re-master and re-release. Cheers, loved the three interview sections, saddened and concerned to hear of health issues in the last section but hope that Roy is on the mend...

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Podcast 14

Ah, the sound of the sea, the birds, the grass being cut..............the Roy interview(s) have been thoroughly entertaining, enlightening and thought-provoking.  Paul's supportive style clearly helped Roy to relax and reveal stuff that might otherwise have stayed unsaid - and the digressions, instead of sticking to the straight and narrow on answering one or two of the questions, were particularly enjoyable (e.g. the national anthems).

Thank you Roy for agreeing to talk to all of us through Paul (and for letting us know who holds the purse strings and the name of your gardener) and many many thanks Paul for getting the wandering wordsmith taped.