The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 15

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Welcome to the 15th Roy Harper podcast for October 2008. This month we have an interview with Dave Cochran. Dave can be found at We also have the A-Z of Harper ('N' this month), listener feedback, and plenty of music. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at

Shownotes are available at my blog.

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Dave Cochran

He zounds like a really nice natural laid back dude. Even you relaxed into it!

I think you're getting the hang of this celebrity cross examinating!




Dr_Doom_The_Optimist's picture

Fifteen ... minutes of fame.

I enjoyed that, cheers Paul.

Dave seems like a great feller. Good musical selection too. That version of 'Grown Ups' is ace and I'd forgotten how good 'Naked Flame' was too - I'd not heard the original version for ages, even though it's one of my favourites.

Let your dingle dangle in the dust,



. o O (

Enjay's picture

Dave Cochran

What a great podcast, thoroughly enjoyable.

Relaxed and entertaining with a good 'real' background going on, which made a refreshing change from 'The Podcave'.

Really excellent, Paul, keep up the good work. What other surprises have you got up your sleeve?