Peru Rocks is under way

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As referred to in the last podcast, Nick Harper is currently away on "Peru Rocks".

Please do go and visit the Peru Rocks website. You can leave messages that will be sent to the expedition, read a daily diary, look at photos and video from the trip, and most importantly donate to the charity. I think this is a really worthwhile endeavour and I wish Nick, and everyone taking part, all the very best. Let's hope this goes smoothly and generates lots of money for LoveHopeStrength.

From the site:

Peru Rocks is the latest concert from the Love Hope Strength Foundation. 65 musicians, cancer survivors and supporters are setting out upon a 4 day trek along the Inca Trail in the Andes. The musical journey symbolizes the “Climb Back from Cancer (TM)” of millions of survivors around the globe, and celebrates the lives of those we lost. We will end our journey in the Inca Ruins of Machu Picchu where we will celebrate the power of Love, Hope and Strength. The mission is to raise money and awareness for cancer care in Peru. We will be working in conjunction with ALINEN to purchase lifesaving equipment for INEN, the main cancer center in Peru. We will also be moving forward with plans to set up a Love Hope Strength chapter in Peru in order to continue a national plan to educate and raise awareness of cancer and promote early detection. Learn more about our next concert/climb by joining the LHS Army.

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Great picture of Nick

On today's journal, in his shades on a mountain top, with his guitar.