The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 18

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Welcome to the 18th Roy Harper podcast for January 2009. This month we have part 1 of a 2-part interview with Linn Branson (HarperPR). We also have the A-Z of Harper ('Q' this month), listener feedback, and some music. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at

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What a thoroughly enjoyable podcast... It was very refreshing to hear about Nick H and Linn's take on her involvement. I'm much looking forward to Pt. 2 If I have a complaint (and it's very minor) it's that I had to do an 'over-burn' CD to add it to my library. Happy New Year all Nick
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Focused energy

I do keep a scrapbook with a ticket from every gig I’ve been to, the main reason being that I’ll never remember otherwise! Consequently, I can say that the first gig I went to was Wishbone Ash in 1978 at the Gaumont Theatre in Ipswich.

Funny to think Linn was at the Brighton Heineken Big Top gig in ’93; Simon Taylor & I were running the 2nd stage. It was lovely to hear her reminiscences of those early Nick gigs, it certainly was a very special time and that excitement in Nick’s music was what got me involved in promoting the Brighton gigs and turning people on to what he was doing.

Paul’s right, that focused energy and enthusiasm certainly flagged-up when Linn came on board a few years back.
Dave of the Burnham variety

Thanks for the nice

Thanks for the nice comments, guys. Glad you weren't too bored! DJ, Travellerman was also at that Brighton 93 festival too...little did we know we'd all come together here all these years later. Maybe I can persuade him along to a 'reunion' at The Latest MB in March.
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Nick's first interview

I'm about an hour into the podcast and really enjoying it - it's amazing how people's lives can change direction unexpectedly at any time. Linn mentioned Nick's first interview so I trawled through my Hors D's and found it in issue 25 from March 1994 and thoroughly enjoyed re-reading it. It's entitled "Nick Harper - Hope & Glory! It mentions a song called Whole World, "a song about 'you and me' ", which "brings into sharp focus the crazier elements of the world we inhabit".  I can't remember hearing this one - did it transmute into anything else, and if not are there any versions of it anywhere? I know he has done two "world" songs, She Rules My World and There is Magic in This World - could it be either of them? Or am I just forgetting it and it's on one of his albums? There are one or two albums I don't revisit that often.

I first received my mags all at once from issue 12 to about 20 odd in the early nineties when I first got into Roy, after knowing of him for over 20 years but never actually hearing anything by him (except obviously Have a Cigar which I didn't know was him anyway). I was off work with flu and devoured them all the day I received them. I haven't re-read them since those first few months so I'll have to have a gander at them again. While looking through them for the Nick interview I noticed another interview by Linn, with Roy, in issue 24 from Summer 1993, called "Roy Harper: the man, the music, the myth - a personal reflection". I haven't (re-)read it yet so that's something to look forward to.