The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 21

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Welcome to the 21st Roy Harper podcast for April 2009. This month we have part 2 of a 2-part interview with George Fort. We also have the A-Z of Harper ('T' this month), listener feedback, and some music. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at

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Love the remix, especially the 'Great Relish' sample - inspired fellow this Pasion Duval; I've heard there's a Mexican Hip Hop artist called Pious Vandal thinking of revisiting some of Roy's stuff in the near future.

Found George's stories and angle on Roy's work and his involvement in it totally fascinating.


Dave of the Burnham variety

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Roy Remix

Alan Jones

Well again, just like last year's origami podcast, you had me completely fooled - I only realised from Dave Burnham's comment that the remix, put out on April 1st, wasn't the genuine article.  Still a great noise, though - and the ideal track to remix since there's lots of electronic monkeying on the original!  Thinking how the late lamented John Martyn charted on a dance track with Sister Bliss, I wonder whether this could  actually be Roy's first chart hit?

happy 21st

great stuff paul.I was hooked throughout.Tom Tiddlers Ground blew away,it was a real treat to hear that live version of what is an exceptional recorded track in its original form.He played TTG when i saw him at Vicar St,Dublin a few years ago(the gig with the really loud Scotsman in the audiance,who along with Roy,gave us a good aul laugh with the banter between them)anyway,that version flooded back a few memorys of that night.What a jolly good thing you got going there.As one certain youngster said on the big screen many moons ago "PLEASE SIR,CAN WE HAVE SOME MORE?"

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Thanks a lot for the kind

Thanks a lot for the kind comments Andrew and welcome to the site!


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Catching up

Thanks to my somewhat lengthy incapacitation have had time to catch up on all the podcasts.   Really enjoyable and informativeand can't get over how good you are Paul at getting people at ease to talk and then, the tricky bit, getting them on to interesting branch lines of topics rather than boring commuter lines of "been there, seen it, done it and ironed the tee shirt which 3,000 others are wearing". 

Podcast 21 no exception in terms of surprises.  Good to hear "The Optimist"  is also enjoying the podcasts.  Once again on number 21 you find a musical interlude that I have never heard before - and, yes I too like the remix.

You WILL like Antony and the Johnsons if you have not already heard them by now. 

Hope to be back securing your safety at role-playing in the not too distant future (i.e as soon as I can lift a glass again).

Be seeing you.







Very nice, the remix was

Very nice, the remix was great.