The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 23 - Shownotes

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In the June 2009 episode:


News - some brief updates about the site

12 Hours of Sunset from Beyond The Door (audio CD)

An interview with Simon Taylor

Simon plays in the following bands:

The Dayglo Pirates

The Brown Stripes

Tortishead (this link is having trouble at the time of writing)

Back To The Family performed by the Dayglo Pirates

The Same Old Rock from Stormcock

A-Z of Harper: 'V' for Valentine

Forever from Valentine

Competition update. Listen directly to the quiz at

Listener Feedback

Credits and Links

Acapulco Gold from Valentine

Brief extract from Melkor's Door, by Messrs Brown, Davison and Taylor


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Podcast thoughts

Just catching up on the old podcasts which were too big to burn to CD.  I wondered what the interview with "someone I'd never heard of" would be like , but I really enjoyed listening to Simon.  Coincidentally, I finally bought a CD reissue of "Stand Up" (my very favourite  Jethro Tull album - the dogs ate my cassette of it ten years ago!) last month and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since, so the tribute band version of "Back To The Family" was a real treat - I could almost believe it was the  genuine Jethro.  And Simon's right - Martin  Barre is a very under-rated guitarist. On the basis of "Stand Up", he was as good as any of his contemporaries.   But then Jethro Tull went all "proggy" and got into long songs with different bits in poncy showy-off difficult time signatures so I stopped listening to them ("Locomotive Breath" was the last thing I heard by them which I liked).  Good to see that my son recognised Ian Anderson's flute playing when I  was playing "Dream Society" in the car, though...

And another thing (or two)....(or three)....Great to hear "Valentine" getting such a high profile on the podcast.  I love the songs on that album, but didn't ever buy it (though I did cheat and write off for the lyric sheet and got a copy autographed by Roy).  This was partly because at the time I'd got most of the songs taped off the radio, from John Peel or Bob Harris sessions or "In Concert" performances, and partly because, being used to solo versions, I found some of the arrangements a bit intrusive.  But I guess it's time to order one from Science Friction now!  And three cheers, again, for Simon's choice of "Same Old Rock" -  my number two favourite Roy song.

Shame we couldn't have heard more of "Driftwood" - but I have to admit to a firm belief that if you (as listener or player) want the flexibility of playing without frets limiting your notes, tones, semitones and quarter tones - you shouldn't use a fretless electric, you should use a stand up bass instead!  Danny Thompson is probably my favourite  musician ever, and bizarrely he has played with every one of my favourite singer-guitarists (Tim Buckley, Nick Drake, Martin Simpson, Richard Thompson, John Martyn and Michael Chapman) EXCEPT Roy.  I'd love to hear a collaboration before they both peg out....

Alan Jones