The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 26

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Welcome to the 26th Roy Harper podcast for September 2009. Warning: contains swearing. This episode we have an archive interview with Roy Harper from 1994, conducted by David Burnham. We also have the A-Z of Harper ('Y' this month), listener feedback, and some music. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at

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Paul - May I simply say how much I've appreciated the podcats during the last couple of years and also how disappointed I was to hear that it will no longer be appearing monthly. I feel somehow guilty in that I've never posted feedback or left a voice mail (your clear and favoured option). Possibly I've been guilty of taking you for granted and I apologise.

I remember hearing Roy in a record booth in Bath (Stormcock) in 1972. I first saw him in Oxford the following year (suppoorted by a rather twee but wonderful Judee Sill). I remember the shock when I discovered what a schizophrenic personality Roy was/is, one moment tender and lovely ('Another Day') and the next shouting at the audience in a frankly bonkers way.

I've seen him lots since,  in clubs, concert halls and once in a field in Suffolk.  I've seen him perform with Andy Roberts, Trigger (Spedding, Bruford etc) once with a female bassist (his partner?) and of course with Nick. The last time was at his birthday bash at the RFH which brought tears to my eyes. Even at his most frustrating (for me it's usually when I get more speech than music) I've always found something to enjoy, to ponder and to smile about (usually all three).

Your podcats have obviously been entertaining (and like Roy at times frustrating) and have encouraged  me to go back and investigate music that I've sometimes forgotten about; perhaps more importantly they've been a a monthly opportunity for me to reconnect with  the thoughts, aspirations and opinions of that younger me who first heard Roy all those years ago.

Thank you again.


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What a wonderful posting which may bring tears to the Pod Masters' eyes!?