The Roy Harper Podcast Episode 28 - Shownotes

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In this episode:

Intro (Background music: Blackpool from Sophisticated Beggar)

News: all about the new website, blog, shop and downloads

These Last Days from The BBC Tapes, Volume V

An interview with Mark Bishop (Marko) part 2 of 2. More about Mark can be found at - congratulations on the Professorship, Mark!

The Fourth World from Death Or Glory...?

Listener Feedback, including a voicemail!

Credits and Links

Advertisement from Jugula

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Nick at Plug'n'Play

Mark Bishop mentioned Nick playing at Plug'n'Play in Reading a couple of years ago. I was going to go, but a mild disagreement with She Who Must Be Obeyed led to me having to do penance and I missed it. Nick is at the same venue (soon to be renamed "Play") on 26th Feb, so will try to get to that - though a business trip may make it impossible.

What is it about Roy and Nick that attracts so many computer geeks, by the way?


Cheers KeithC