The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 28

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Welcome to the 28th Roy Harper podcast. This episode we have news about the new Roy Harper website, including downloads. Also part two of a two part interview with Mark Bishop. We also have listener feedback and some music. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at

Shownotes are available at my blog.

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Entertaining stuff!

I played this today on my travels and in the gym.  Marko was on excellent form.  Well done Paul for getting him to talk so entertainingly.  Of course he's completely wrong about the relative merits of Dream Soc and Green Man!  I think I prefer the revised version of Fourth World but it was good to hear the original.  You were right to choose Advertisement as the most excruciatingly embarrassing track.  Jugula never was my favourite album but that track (can't really call it a song) really is bad...  I enjoyed your Australian exile's contribution too.  Any advice on which Lightning Hopkins to avoid? -  cos everything I've got of his so far is great.

Have you seen the March edition of Uncut?  Allan Jones's leader is about BP Fallon, with several references to Roy.  Allan would probably make a good interviewee if you could persuade him.  Jimmy Page's interview in Mojo was good too.  He sings Roy's praises as a guitarist, repeating the old story about how they met and he asked him to play Blackpool.