Podcast 29, The Nick Harper Special #2

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Welcome to the 29th podcast. This episode we have news about Roy's gigs, Nick's gigs, and Nick's new album. There is an interview with Nick Harper. We also have listener feedback and some music. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at www.stormcock.net.

Shownotes are available at my blog.

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The Biz

Great stuff.  All the better because hearing, or reading, Nick interviewed doesn't happen too often. And it should.

I listened again to the first Nick Harper special too and during the interview near the start (with the fellow Big Chris) you're trying to put your finger on why Nick hasn't had recognition from wider, perhaps more mainstream, audiences...kind of answered wonderfully by the man himself in this new interview when he admits that people will probably skip the song he likes the most on his album...

Really hoping to hear more about Avery Rocks...keep us posted...


Hi Paul,

                       Bez here i would like to say that i have aquirred a copy of Roy,s film MADE  it is of vhs quality but well worth the £ 6.00 i paid for , i have been trying to get this film for over 20 years now so you can imagine how pleased i am to add it to my collection of ROY stuff , i have played the disc in its entirity and have had no problems with it , if your listeners are interested i can pass on the info to buy a copy ,  it is on e.bay on the Roy Harper section , and the seller is  vickers73 [at] btinternet [dot] com  again i will confirm that the quality is good  your bez .