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7 Sep 2010

It's true I've been yanking the buttons and faders in the studio and cranking up the old 'Instrumental' masters and having a bit of fun in the process. It's funny to hear a snapshot of who you were 10 years times highlighting the follies of youth and at others engendering nice little surprises. For instance after putting the levels up a little to try and match Titchy Striker (Jermaine Defoe??) or whatever his name is I could hear the points in 'Swansong' where I'm reaching for the plectrum on my knee between the picky bits - probably a very good reason I've never played that one live (since Glenn Tilbrook said I should stand up and be a man..well I did the first bit..). The most moving part of the remixing though was when I turned up 'The Whack 'n' Riddle Tree' and right at the end you can just hear my daughter Lily saying "Dada" just outside the studio door...I nearly cried.. She was 3 I think. That song is based on a game made up by the most fantastic teacher any child could wish to have - Lewis Richardson, whose idiosyncratic curriculum was based on trying to get us to think and whose view of the world still translates well nearly 40 years on...blimey. He went on to write a lovely little book called 'The Eye of the White Horse' which was a child's eye view of life in Wiltshire a few generations back, which I would swear was part of the inspiration for the poem on 'Treasure Island' called 'A Wiltshire Tale' even though I read his book after I wrote the verse.. Where was I? Oh yeah 'Whack 'n' Riddle': The bowler bowls and the batsman whacks the ball up in to the tree and tries to make it 'home' before it riddles through the branches and is caught..or the hordes of eager catchers..immense laughter had by all if I remember rightly..

Keep going people! Love Harp xx

I bought and downloaded this yesterday and it's really worth the £5 even if you have the original CD.


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Make sure...

Make sure you complete the download within 24 hours from receipt of Email like I didn't! Andi