Time Warps and the FINAL FINAL death of Dave Tennant's Doctor Who in America!

This last Sunday 14 August 2011 marked the American death of Doctor Who! Again! Doctor Who may be a Time Lord throughout the Universe, with the single exception of Television Programming! Doctor Eleven Matt Smith appeared on CBS's The Late Late Show last week hosted by the faithful Scot Craig Ferguson. Craig has kept a mini Tardis on his interview desk for most or all of his tenure, and remains unabashed in his loyalty to Who! In my opinion, Doctor Who has continued to raise its quality of production and ambitious scripting. We all probably guessed the "four knocks" would not be the first or most obvious reveal. Bernard Cribbins "Wilfred" was perfectly set up, but so was The Master and all the Late Lords of Gallifrey. I was moved emotionally, and it gave me a laugh and a smile that such an absurd and beloved sci-fi guilty pleasure could do so. I was reminded of "The Three Doctors" and "The Five Doctors" and other special episodes, and the sense of what could possibly top this. Answer: The next episode and the next Doctor. Good luck to Matt Smith (for all I know, his Doctor is dead or will die soon over there) and Doctors Twelve and Thirteen. Will Doctor Who take the ultimate plunge as "Star Trek:The Most Recent Motion Picture" did and go back in time in such a way that his story can be told all over again and afresh from the start without creating temporal paradoxes? No! In anticipation, months ago I compiled the list of names of all the actors who played Doctor Who. How many of you remember Doctor Number Eight? The one in the FOX made-for-TV movie at the turn of the Millennium. Sylvester McCoy even made a cameo. Without further ado: 1. William Hartnell. The oldest and the youngest Doctor. 2. Patrick Trouton 3. Jon Pertwee (the one that got me started around 1975 on PBS) 4. Tom Baker (I was mad when he first replaced Jon Pertwee, imagine that!) Did an episode of "Remington Steele" with future 007. 5. Peter Davison (such an "unusual" last name. Sorry Paul! :-) ) 6. Colin Baker 7. Sylvester McCoy 8. Paul McGann (such an "unusual" first name. Sorry Paul!... oops, I'm repeating myself. Must be a temporal feedback loop!) If you don't remember him, you're in good company. Starred Eric Roberts as the Master and Daphne Ashbrook as the Doctor WHO helped Doctor WHO. 9. Chris Eccleston (The only foreign language Doctor, Just kidding. What a revival!) 10.David Tennant (I kept hoping to see Peter O'Toole and Patrick Stewart. Former 007 Tim Dalton was a delightfully Evil Time Lord President) 11.Matt Smith (don't spoil it for me!) 12. 13.

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