AMERICAN fans of Roy!

(This is virtually identical to a Thread I started on the Stormcock Forums) I would really like to discover more AMERICAN fans of Roy and Nick! I would also like to start communicating with this underrepresented group. Merely by being better organized we can contribute to raising awareness and popularity of Harpic music in the U.S. Breaking the barrier of ignorance by the major media in the States is critical to Roy and Nick receiving the attention their music deserves. Please leave your comments here and feel free to leave me a "private message" ("pm") by first clicking on my user name next to my avatar on the Stormcock Forums. I will NOT share your contact info without your explicit permission. I will do my best to reply to you all, but I hope the response will be overwhelming! I would hope to first meet people in the Chicago area and perhaps work out more ambitious plans as things develop. Perhaps a belated 70th birthday party?

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An American Fan here!

NoCelebrity, Hello there, first off! I thought your thread interesting, as I'm a long-time fan of both Roy and Nick. Yet, I have the difficulty of rarely seeing/hearing them in concert, as I reside in Colorado! Plan to attend the birthday bash though and Nick's gig the evening before, so perhaps I can communicate with people there? Cheers and thanks! Chris J. Politzki cjpolitzki [at] studio119 [dot] com


Talk about difficulty! Glad to hear from you Chris! I think any American Fan of Roy and Nick will be greatly welcome at "the party." I've NEVER seen Roy perform live! Did get to see Nick at The Abbey Pub in Chicago the weekend before Thanksgiving 2009, then he performed some more with Cy Curnin. He cancelled his next trip to Chicago. I've pretty much completed my collection of Roy, but I won't be traveling to see him at the RFH in November. Hope you can enjoy it enough for the both of us! I hope to see more replies like yours on the Stormcock Forum, my Blog and pms before the 70th Birthday Celebration dies down. Please keep me in mind if we Americans can ever get together to celebrate Roy and his music.

US-based fans

Sorry I missed this thread before. I haven't visited the site for a while. I just got home to Houston after a wonderful week in the UK: Nick on Friday, Roy (and many Stormcock friends) on Saturday and a delightful couple of days in the Yorkshire Dales to follow. Apologies to Chris for not introducing myself at the Wellington. There were also a couple of folks there from Utah, I understand. Over the years, there have been some very enthusiastic fans stateside, but it's hard to develop any momentum without a promotion supporting a release. I attended several gigs in California and Virginia prior to the release of the last studio album, The Green Man, but that was 10 years ago and, living in Texas, I had no opportunity to follow up that limited momentum in either state. I'd love for Nick (or Roy) to come over for the SXSW festival in Austin sometime soon. Maybe it will happen. Bex Marshall, who supported Roy for one of his 100 Club gigs a few years ago has played SXSW, so anything is possible. Anyway, we can always hope. Phil Yewdall

North by Midwest!

Just heard about the SXSW Festival a day or two after I got the notice of your post to my BLOG/thread!

Didn't hear enough about it, however.

I visited Austin in the early 70's when my older sister was newly married. Her oldest daughter lived there for a while before moving back to Houston. Always looks beautiful and diverse on TV, and so "green" for TX.

I echo your sentiment. I could see myself traveling down there for just such a concert!

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I think



I think Roy said he may be recording some new stuff soon on West coast of USA? But don't quote me!