AMERICAN Comments on Podcast 35, "Model Woman"

Well, here it is, a week after “MY” podcast came out, and the reality is much different than the “NoCelebrity's Fabricated Life” I have posted on my blog.

My original and follow-up announcements received much enthusiasm from family, friends and musical acquaintances. I have received three VERY POSITIVE face-to-face comments on my song “Model Woman” and my “other contributions” to the PODCAST. Unhappily, I have received ZERO emails since from family and old-friends who have actually listened to it, but ONE email from a special talent!

I know I like to talk and tend to ramble, and Podmaster Paul was very kind to listen. I like to write since I can “edit” myself when I go off topic, etc. I reassured Paul he could edit out whatever he wanted and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. My problem was throwing in too many things that were off-topic or minor in detail. Ultimately, I know the length of “MY” Podcast is long and daunting to listen to. Some months it took me weeks to listen to the NEW Podcasts, so I can’t fault anyone else for not listening to it immediately.

So, I know my Mom, AndiW, and Corky Siegel have listened to some/all of the Podcast.

CORKY SIEGEL: Corky began writing and performing music in the 1960s. He is a founding member of Chicago Blues Legends the Siegel-Schwall Band and would headline with opening acts such as Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, and Santana. Recently, his efforts include his “Chamber Blues” and teaching what he calls “Dynamic Expression.” (Check him out at

Corky flattered me no end by merely responding to me after I sent him notice of the podcast, and relating my experiences in a “one-off” class he gave, where I first performed a couple verses of “Model Woman,” and got satisfying applause! He listened to at least part of the podcast and then sent me his comments on creativity and fame/celebrity. What follow are excerpts from Corky’s email:

- - - “I appreciate dearly your expressions of and about music.  I know what it's like to be excited about the feeling of creativity.  I have a little saying; ‘The problem with us creative people is that we always have to look for ways of taking something that is already perfect and making it more perfect.’  LOL! Creativity is not only an expression, a passion, a joy, but an addiction. When I write a new song or a symphonic movement, I have to call everyone on the phone and play it for them.  Then, a month later I go; ‘Oops!  that wasn't so great after all.’  It's like waking up from a dream and finding your ideas dissolve into dust.  Of course not always - thank God!   But we get our ego so wrapped up in the process and the delivery that everything gets distorted and we feel like we need feedback.  We need the support and love.  It's quite amazing.   Not always conscious but I can safely say it's always there to some degree...

...What's important is what you ‘feel’ when you are in the process of writing and in the process of performing.  And it's important that you keep doing it. You don't have to sell it in anyway - as you eluded(sic) to in the interview...

...But famous people and non-famous people have great things to offer. Fame or no-fame doesn't change anything in the way that counts - one way or the other.  We don't want to find ourselves knocking fame for that reason.  I think fame is something to honor ... those that got hit by that lightning I honor for nothing less than being in the right place at the right time to get hit with that lightning...” - - -

So, in other words, Corky said nothing specific about my song, “Model Woman.” But he confirms most of my opinions about Creativity and Celebrity. And he reaffirms the value of Everything Roy and Nick have done with their music and their lives. But, my ego also allows multiple interpretations to allow “unhappy criticisms” to sneak into my mind! ;-)

I continue to hope for the people who like something about my song to comment on the Forums or send me a pm. I know realistically, an artist can feel popular and potentially make a living off of a fraction of a percent of the populace. It is reaching those potential “customers/fans” that is always a dubious proposition. Claiming in a way that I am indeed “NoCelebrity” is obviously off-putting to many, especially younger music fans.

I’m certain I can still improve on my recording of “Model Woman” but I’d hoped fans of Roy would appreciate I kept the mix simple for them and left the tinier imperfections for the “live” feeling we love of so many of Roy’s songs.

I expect to post another blog in the next few days about the genesis of “Model Woman” and the creative processes involved.

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Don't feel..

Don't feel negated in this medium please NC!

With the thousands / millions of artists everybody's listening to these days, on here, and the Internet at large, you are probably in a queue!

The London gigs at the Underbelly &  Royal Festival Hall  probably also have taken precedence at the moment?

I'm sure some are still catching up with previous Podcasts also like me?


Go on thinking free.....{Moody Blues etc...]


All our lines are busy right now...your call is in a queue....Press 1 to leave a message...... Press 2 if you feel your creativity is being 3 if you're lonely..Press 4 to speak to a Counsellor....




Common Denominator

Thanks, Andi! Sorry I took so long to respond (Airport also acting up this week). You echo my sentiments. With so many guitar owners and amateur musicians, I'm sure "creatives" are very common these days.