Bad religion?

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My wife/ex-wife (we still haven't quite decided where we're at)is by preference a Quaker (though she hasn't yet fully committed to it yet). Just been for a long lunch (2.00 to 10.00!) with her and two of our longest standing friends, both Christians, one of whom is a fully fledged/pledged Quaker. He's just been out in East Africa on a "peace and reconciliation" mission in Kenya, trying to resolve the inter-tribal and cross border violence. I think I'm posting this to witness that while my favourite lines from "McGoohan's Blues" - "the world that Christ fought is supported by using his name" are still probably spot-on with many churches, some Christians are still, - because, not despite of, their beliefs - working for peace not war. I think I might join the Quakers except that an hour of "silent worship" which depends on the Spirit (possibly the same Spirit as in "The Spirit Lives") moving them to get up and say something usually leaves me asleep and snoring. But as far as its tenets go, I can't fault the Quaker movement on anything - a totally inclusive "We believe there is a God but we don't trust the established hierarchies to tell us about him/her/it/them and can only rely on our experiences in the moment as evidnce to back that belief". And what other "Christian" sect is as up-front anti-War? alan Jones