A walk on the wet side

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I had decided I needed another trial run for next weekend's Avebury outing, so despite the less than promising weather forecast, I had already planned a route when Nick's StageIt email landed. I wondered if this innovative gig would work via the gift of mobile internet, and it did, just about:

Unfortunately the other occupants of the field didn't seem interested in the ongoing entertainment

Can you guess what Nick was singing when I took this:

Yep, "Blue Sky Thinking". Fat chance! The photo doesn't really do justice to the thick cover of threatening cloud, the mist, and the drizzle which rolled relentlessly off the hills.

It got worse. Much, much worse, before it got better:

My route took me from Whaley Bridge to Buxton, partly along an early railway which closed in the 19th C. Over the years, parts of it have disappeared under roads, but quite a bit remains as a track for walkers and farmers, passing through some wonderfully bleak country.

This is the bottom of a long climb. I'd done this one before, but my legs were quite a bit younger then, and I'd forgotten just how long it was.

And this is the view back from the top. "On a clear day you can see forever." Hmm, think you're going to take my word for it today.

At least the rain has stopped. The sun made a couple of valiant attempts, but no sign of any Blue Sky.

I met a hardy (or mad) individual camping at the entrance to this blocked up tunnel.

From here the route diverts from the railway and climbs over another hill before dropping over Burbage Edge and down into Buxton.

At last! It's only a bit of blue, but it's enough. Pity I'm nearly at the end.

Oops, should have brought a hard hat.

And a bullet proof vest. Not a very friendly bunch, are they?

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