A period of transition

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Well, my "official" retiral date is October 12th - nine months before I hit 60, but also chosen because of the first great recorded Harper rant about all that is wrong with/in the world - it seemed like a good date to choose to start turning my life around to all that could be right in my life (if not the rest of the world). But my last day in work was last Tuesday. I'm in the middle of a great holiday in Perthshire. It's beautiful on many levels - on the eye, the scenery is stunning and the incredible colours of the infinite number of trees here adds immensely to the hillscapes with distant mountains; and on the imagination, because of all the prehistoric remains (innumerable standing stones, cairns, cup-marked stones) which induce giddying reflections about thousands of years of culture and culture change; and in parallel to the issue of cultural change/stability, the astonishing persistence of biological being (a.k.a. life). Yesterday we went to a little village called Fortingall which is home to the oldest living organism in Europe - a yew tree which is apparently 5,000 years old. It gives you temporal vertigo. Fill in whatever blanks you like - "How many .... have ..... since that tree has been around?" One of my most vertiginous versions was "how many robins have sung in that tree since it was big enough for them to perch on?" And next week I'm off to hunt for the boat which will carry me all round England (and bits of Wales) for the next few years.....

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Sounds brilliant!

Sounds brilliant! What sort of boat/barge? This morning the bright yellow @ brown of the fallen leaves everywhere was like an explosion of colour! Cheers Andi http://www.youtube.com/user/ASPWATTERSON