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The last time I had a solo moustache (as opposed to a beard) was around 1977 or 1978. Then a good (female) friend told me that it made me look like I was in a Brummie sub-Sabbath pub circuit metal band. So I shaved it off. However, my son talked me into joining him in growing a tache for November in aid of prostate/testicular cancer - it didn't take much persuasion as one of our oldest friend, and my son's godfather, has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I haven't got my act together either on the Movember or Just Giving websites yet but will do so this week - any donations really will be gratefully received. And I should add two points - firstly, I am pretty averse to facial hair. There are vanishingly few males whose appearance is enhanced by it; and my personal experience of facial hair is that itis a repository for left-over food and wine, and for snot, and a source of itchy dandruff in places you don't get it if you shave. My first, and most luxuriant, beard (1971-1975) was purely down to late adolescent insecurity about my appearance. My eldest daughter, in her pre-school years, was beard phobic - when a good (bearded) friend from work gave us a lift 11 miles home from my office and her nursery after my car had broken down, her comment was " I don't like that man, he's got a beard." My last attempt at a beard was about three years ago and was going quite well until I caught a cold - another bearded colleague asked me what had happened to it and i explained the snot/facial hair interface and he understood. So growing a moustache is not a doddle - it's actually quite against my principles and compromises my self image - not least by making me look about ten years older even on day 4 of the wretched thing. OK, not the same as abseiling down a hospital chimney or running a marathon, but it still involves some sacrifice! The second point is this. While some of the posts about this have been followed by "Off", any one who has followed the podcasts over the last few years will know it's not entirely off because Roy was diagnosed with, and treated for it. So let's get the whole Haperphile community on the case with this cause. Alan
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