Roy Harper to release “Man And Myth” on Bella Union

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A press release from Bella Union, a well-known independent record label with artists such as Fleet Foxes, Jonathan Wilson, Midlake and many others, has been released. It explains that Roy's forthcoming album "Man and Myth" will be released on that label on September 23rd 2013. There is also a track listing:

1. The Enemy
2. Time Is Temporary
3. January Man
4. The Stranger
5. Cloud Cuckooland
6. Heaven Is Here
7. The Exile

The press release also says:

"Four of the seven tracks that constitute Man And Myth were recorded with Jonathan Wilson at his studio in Laurel Canyon. The recently discovered keeper of the West Coast rock flame had been assembling a Harper tribute album and the two struck up a friendship after meeting backstage at Wilson’s show – Bella Union boss Simon Raymonde was also present – at London’s Borderline in 2012. ‘Heaven Is Here’ and ’The Exile’, the album’s epic closing tracks, and ‘January Man” were subsequently recorded back in County Cork."

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