The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 37

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Welcome to the 37th Roy Harper podcast. Sorry we've been away so long. This episode is dedicated to the new album, Man and Myth, and includes tracks from that and a couple of older ones. Enjoy, and please leave comments in the podcast section of the forums at

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Welcome home....

Nice one Paul. Good to see you both back. Really enjoying the new LP especially January Man. Phil :)
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Re: The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 37

Hi Paul, Thanks for the new podcast and although it's great to see Roy still producing music I'm not a huge fan of the new album. First I think the lyrics are bland and have nothing of the left-field poetry that first attracted me to Roy's work and separated him from (say) a Roger Waters. Secondly, in my opinion there are too many strings, Tony Franklin's bass lines belong in the '80s and there is a tendency to go off on an Irish jig or reel every few minutes. Having said that, I thought that parts of "The Stranger" and "The Exile" were quite interesting. I will take the word of Wikipedia that Pete Townshend played lead guitar on "Cloud Cuckooland" as I wouldn't have been able to pick it. It would have been nice to see David G. or Jimmy P. contribute some guitar parts. Roy has always needed a strong producer to present his material in the best light and override his tendency toward over-complication. In this sense I don't think that Roy's "new generation" of supporters are serving him particularly well. In legal circles there is a saying that a lawyer who represents himself has an idiot for a client. I think the same argument could be made against the recording artist who serves as his own record producer. Regards, Derek Bolli, North Sydney.